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Village Green welcomes Grady and Britt Fleming!

Exciting News to Share:  At Village Green we are now entering into a 3rd generation of those connecting in the area of Missions.  Reg and Marita Campbell were members of VG and Marita served on the Missions Committee.  Their daughter, Kathyrn and Rob Fleming are partnership missionaries serving in Japan.  Their son, Grady and his wife, have been approved to serve in the Philippines.  Grady and Britt will be teaching high school at the Christian Academy in Manila for two…

Speaking HOPE to the World

Village Green Community Church supports the ministry of Transworld Radio Canada (TWR Canada) Women of Hope. Every few months we receive a report on the ministry and Johnathan Griffiths as he supports Dr. Peggy Banks and her vision to reach and disciple women around the word. TWR Canada has been supporting this Dr. Banks, ministry for over 20 years and they continue to be actively engaged today, especially in Africa. This is report highlighting some of the projects and the…


This month leading up to Christmas has been filled with some challenges, Covid-19 scares, and joyful celebrations. Despite all the hard parts, we are still extremely grateful for another year filled with God’s faithfulness. Oliver is continuing to grow and is pretty much an Energizer bunny…he just keeps going and going. It’s hilarious, exhausting, and beautiful all at once. His parents are exhausted, but that’s kind of the gig, right? We will try and keep this update brief and, as…

Village Green Update – July 2, 2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day. I was a year old when my family left our home in Piraeus Greece (the harbour suburb of Athens) and crossed the Atlantic to start a new life in Canada. I have to say, after many years, this past Canada Day found me truly thankful to be here. Not that I was never thankful before, but due to the things we see happening globally, this past Canada Day celebration was one filled with gratitude and blessing for what we enjoy here that others can only dream of.
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