Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

For Jesus, the church was a vibrant collection of people who are faithful to his teachings, so that the world can become a better place.

At Village Green we long to capture the essence of the church in everything we do and in every environment we create.

Our mission is to “Love God, Love Others, and Change the World“. We believe that this statement reflects the heart of Jesus’ teaching. When Jesus was asked to give a summary of the Old Testament he simply stated that it was to love God and to love others in the same way we love ourselves. For Jesus the primary condition for each relationship was rooted in love.

Loving God in an authentic way shapes us to becoming more open and compassionate to those around us. In doing so, we reflect the true heart of God, and become agents of change in the world around us. That became the second part of Jesus’ core teaching. His last instructions to his followers were to make disciples, anywhere we can find them, to train people in the way of life he has taught us. His message compels us to be personally transformed in a way that changes our relationship with God, with others and the world around us.

So, as a church we have been invited on a mission; one that compels us to reach out and make a difference, wherever the opportunities exist, whether it’s next door or on the next continent. It’s never static, always dynamic, never insulated, and always open.

Our Values

At Village Green, these core values are our “DNA” — the fundamental principles that determine our commitment to each other and to God.

1.  People Matter

We value people because people matter to God and need to know Him. This heart motivates us to want to reach those around us of all ages and backgrounds with the message of Jesus Christ and to be welcoming to all who come. We want to battle our tendency to focus only on “insiders”. We want to display tender Christ-like hearts for one another and to give compassionate care to those in need.

2.  Christ-Centred Worship

We consider the shared worship experience to being vital to the celebration of God’s presence among us. It is a vibrant representation of who God is to all those who come to our services. We value scriptural preaching and teaching communicated with grace in relevant, practical ways in order to see lives changed by God.

3.  Prayer-Empowered

We value the practice of prayer. Our church can only go forward if we seek God’s face and the direction and power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer should go before, surround and inhabit all that we do.

4.  Small Groups are Vital

We value small groups as being absolutely strategic to spiritual transformation and building biblical community. Authentic Christ-followers should commit themselves to a lifestyle of continuous spiritual growth. Therefore, we value a discipling process, which moves people to become fully mature followers in our journey, to move us from knowledge to obedience.

5.  Teamwork

We value the empowerment of all Christ-followers to do the work of ministry with an open servant heart according to their giftedness. Serving together should and can be rewarding. We value servant-leadership given by spiritually mature, trained individuals who are gifted for Kingdom work because this honors God and inspires people.

6.  Stewardship Counts

We value wise stewardship of God*s resources. We believe God has called us to give to His work faithfully and sacrificially to allow the Kingdom to grow here in Westmount and in London and around the world. We value making a difference in our community. We want to be responsive to the needs and culture around us, continually finding new ways to share what God has entrusted to us.

7.  Growth Desired

We want to see Village Green Community Church grow and reach more people for Christ. When a church follows its God-directed vision and mission, God changes lives and his church family grows. We want to develop effective outreach into the culture of those around us.

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