Stronger Together

When I started at Village Green I didn’t like that Jr High and Sr High were meeting on the same night.  I grew up in a church environment that Jr High and Sr High met on different nights and ran separately.  This was a change I was determined to make.  However, as time has goneContinue reading “Stronger Together”

Verse of the Week

Last year one of my awesome volunteers made a suggestion that really caused me to think.  It was a Tuesday evening, after youth, the leaders and I were having a debrief like we do most Tuesdays.  We were discussing the night and how it went when this leader said: “Devon, I have noticed that theContinue reading “Verse of the Week”

The Power of Fun

Youth Group is an interesting thing to handle.  In some ways it is like a mini-church service except let’s be honest, we don’t play games at church.  There aren’t any church services I have been to that has said before the message we are going to play tag or dodgeball.  Yet for most youth groupsContinue reading “The Power of Fun”

Bedlam 2018

I listen to a youth ministry podcast called Rethinking Youth Ministry.  This is a podcast with a bunch of the youth pastors that work for Orange and write our curriculum.  These people are smart as they have been in youth ministry for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago they were talking about retreatsContinue reading “Bedlam 2018”

Why Should Your Students Go On a Retreat?

One of the big things I have brought to Village Green is that we will be a youth group that takes part in retreats. Since Bedlam is approaching quickly, I wanted to explain why I have made this decision. Over my time in ministry I have noticed that weekend retreats meet 3 needs in aContinue reading “Why Should Your Students Go On a Retreat?”

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