What We Learned in the First Year of Live Streaming Our Services

Our church began live streaming our services a year ago this month. It was a decision that took some time in the making but we had become convinced it was a natural progression for our church. After a year of live streaming, this is what we’ve learned.

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In Praise of Every Day Heroes

I’m surrounded by heroes. Not the DC Comic or Marvel versions we see in the comics or at the movie theatres. As entertaining as they may be, they don’t really inspire me in meaningful ways.

I’m also not talking about those courageous people who serve the general public by potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. Police, firemen, military, disaster-relief workers, or the like.The heroes I’m talking about rarely get the recognition they deserve.

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The Enduring Power of Love

A lot has been written since the wedding of Prince Harry and Meagan Markle. Yes, I was one of the many who rose early in the day to watch the royal extravaganza. Whatever your reason for watching, the ceremony produced a number of surprises. The biggest surprise for me should not have been a surprise…

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