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Village Green – Easter Update

Welcome to this week’s newsletter. A special update considering this will be the first time in history that the church around the world is celebrating the Easter season in ways it never has before. Regardless, the church and the message of Easter will resonate in millions of communities around the globe and into the hearts of many more.

Kids Connection -April 2, 2020 Update

Welcome to this week’s Kids Connection newsletter. This Sunday is Palm Sunday with Easter just around the corner. These are significant days but recognize they will be celebrated differently than normal this year.

Kid’s Connection – Staying Connected

In an effort to stay connected we are reaching out to those of you who are a vital part of our kid’s ministries here at Village Green. It’s easy to buy into the idea that what we do as a church has been put on hold or is unimportant in light of the global concern all around us.

We Need Your Help!

As we approach another Fall season that means we will be kicking back into another new year of kids ministry. Which has left me pondering, what should be next for Kids Connection? Last year we made a couple of changes. We had the kids start being downstairs for the whole service. We introduced our large group time where the kids would play together and then head to their classrooms for teaching time. During our classroom time, we implemented some small…

Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp

As May is starting thoughts of Summer are creeping into our minds. Perhaps for some of you, your summer’s have been planned for a few months now. The reality we all face is that summer is approaching quickly and whether you love summer or not we will have to face it. As you are prepping for what your kids will be doing over their time off of school, I wanted to explain a couple of reasons as to why you…

2020 Day Camp!

I know that Day Camp is a highlight for many kids in the London area.  Unfortunately, Village Green Community Church will not be hosting Day Camp in the summer of 2020. We regret the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause. Plans are starting soon to host Day Camp in 2021. Please check back early 2021 to hear about the great things we have planned for 2021!

From Kids to Adults – Individuality

If I am completely honest with you all, I don’t love every topic that Orange does.  Every month has important truths that our kids need to hear, but sometimes they just miss the mark.  However, this month hits right on the target.  Our theme is Individuality.  Identity is something that is becoming more and more of an issue.  People are trying to figure out who they are and are attaching to things that don’t define them well. When I was…

From Kids to Adults – Service

Last November I decided to wake up early to do some black Friday shopping.  There were some good deals on and I wanted to see what the big deal was.  I woke up early that morning and headed off to Walmart.  With some excitement, the parking lot was not full nor was there a line.  I was a little concerned as the store opened 5 minutes before I had arrived.  I walked in and it was jam-packed in some sections…

From Kids to Adults – Self Control

February’s Curriculum is called Operating System which I believe is quite clever.  See Computers run off an Operating System and they are never perfect.  They need updates in order to keep running well.  How accurate is that to us as humans.  We aren’t perfect and we need constant updates to better ourselves.  At least I know I do, I can’t speak for you. The theme verse is 2 Peter 1:3 which says “3 By his divine power, God has given us…