The Other Side

How to handle a world gone mad…get your eyes refocused on the power of Jesus. Mark 4:35-5:20


Our decisions in life determine the pathways we traverse. Though we treat life as having many pathways, the Bible only sees two, the right one and the wrong one. Psalm 1

Only Jesus – Part 6: Forgiven  

Does forgiveness come with a price, and does it come with certain expectations? In this story, Jesus connects the act of forgiveness with the capacity of a person’s love. Luke 7:36-50

Only Jesus – Part 1: Get Up!

A paralyzed man is touched by the healing power of Jesus. It is a moment one would think would be cause for celebration, but for some, it becomes an opportunity to challenge Jesus. Mark 2:1-12

Choices – Part 4: The Great Decision

There are choices that we make that affect the entirety of our lives. Some can have negative consequences while others are for the better. Only one choice offers us the best of everything. 1 Corinthians 15:1-20