Day Camp

Day Camp at Village Green 2023

Village Green Community Church is partnering with two camp organizations in July 2023, Forest Cliff Day Camps and Adullam Camp, to provide Day Camp opportunities this summer. For more information and to register click the specific camp buttons below.

Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp

As May is starting thoughts of Summer are creeping into our minds. Perhaps for some of you, your summer’s have been planned for a few months now. The reality we all face is that summer is approaching quickly and whether you love summer or not we will have to face it. As you are prepping for what your kids will be doing over their time off of school, I wanted to explain a couple of reasons as to why you…

2020 Day Camp!

I know that Day Camp is a highlight for many kids in the London area.  Unfortunately, Village Green Community Church will not be hosting Day Camp in the summer of 2020. We regret the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause. Plans are starting soon to host Day Camp in 2021. Please check back early 2021 to hear about the great things we have planned for 2021!

Village Green Day Camp 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year where we start planning and signing Kids up for Day Camp! Here at Village Green, we are very excited to run a week of Amped Day Camp on July 23-27 for ages 4-grade 5. This is a week of Faith-based Learning, activities, crafts, and games. In the afternoon we will do some swimming and on Friday we will have a carnival day! This is an awesome week of camp your kiddos won’t want to…