Your contribution to Village Green plays a vital role in our church. Your financial help ensures that our services, our programs, and our community presence continue in good and growing ways.

Ways to Help

All funds given will go to the General Fund, which directly funds our ministries that transforms lives and changes the world.

Here are some of our Ministries and how you can make an impact in people’s lives with your support today: Kids Connection, Missions, Benevolence, Youth Ministry, Day Camp, and Worship.


Please pick your preferred method below:

Please note: For the monthly donation option, please make sure to choose the appropriate option, as shown below:

We also have some pre-defined monthly contributions if you prefer.


Please choose a monthly donation amount from this list:

And set up the contribution here:

Direct Deposit/ Pre- Authorized Giving

If you would like to give a consistent amount on a recurring basis via bank transfer, please stop by our church office, or send us a message here:


You can give through e-transfer by using the email address Please make sure your home address is up-to-date and on file with the church office if you use this option.


You can mail an envelope to us at 505 Village Green Avenue, London, Ontario, N6J 4G4.


Envelopes are available at the church foyer, and you can request one from our administration office too.

Helpful Information

Help with the Paypal monthly donation page:
1. Click on the Options list above, and select a monthly donation amount. This amount will be contributed each month automatically.
2. Click on the yellow “Start a monthly donation” button.
3. At the bottom of the page, click on the words “credit or debit card”.
4. Fill in your name, information, and credit card, and click on the yellow “Review donation and continue” button.

Note on receipts:
– Paypal can print a temporary receipt as a reminder of how much you’ve given. If you donate monthly, Paypal will send you an email each time it does an automatic donation on your behalf.
– The church receipt issued at the end of the year is the official one for tax purposes. All donations of $10 or more will receive a Canadian charity tax receipt from the church at the end of the year.


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