Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups are a modern take on Bible studies, with a dozen or so people getting together to share community, snacks and an exploration of their faith. Many Life Groups discuss the Sunday sermon and enhance it with questions, personal stories, and prayer.

Weekly Questions

Many groups are meeting weekly to discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon. Click on the button below to find our recent sermons. Click on a sermon to get the sermon-based questions:

Life groups are a great way to build community and faith.

If you would like to ask any questions about Life Groups, or get information about currently available groups, send us a message:

Small groups have always been an important part of life at Village Green. Over 70 percent of the people in our congregation belong to a Life Group, and we’re working on the other 30 percent! Small groups are essentially about doing life together.

What People Say

Our Life Group this year discussed issues and truths presented in Sunday’s sermon. It was great to dig deeper, share ideas, and find ways to apply the weekly message to our daily lives.

Dig deeper… share ideas…

The busier my life, the more I realize that I have to make time for my Life Group. I may arrive tired, but leave refreshed after drawing strength from sharing, praying and learning with other members of my group.

Arrive tired… leave refreshed…

Last fall, my husband and I joined a Life Group for the first time. I really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss ideas, learn more from the Bible and share other people’s faith journeys. It was very encouraging to us both.

Don’t miss out on the joy that awaits you in a Life Group!