Our Vision Statement

Here are the six elements of our Vision Statement:

1) We See Us Reaching More People – Lots of Them – Both Near and Far

i.    Evangelistic impact
ii.   Local community impact
iii.  Global impact
iv.  Strategic follow-up and follow-through

2) We See Us Becoming a Place Where Leaders Emerge and Thrive

i.  Identifying leaders
ii.  Developing and training of leaders – a concentrated strategy

3) We See Us Creating a More Seamless Children and Youth Ministry

i.  Integrate Orange across every age group
ii.  See this area as a key one for discipleship

4) We See Us Growing Deeper, Not Just Wider

i.  Life Groups as the primary vehicle for spiritual formation
ii.  Life Groups as an important means for building relationships and community

5) We See Us Becoming More Generous

i.  Generosity in serving
ii.  Generosity with resources

6) We See Us Having a Greater Online Presence

i.  Online campus
ii.  Social media

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