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Part 1: I Believe, Therefore I Am!

What is self-awareness? Is it even biblical for those who claim to be believers? Does it inform us on our identity and is it important for our spiritual growth? Proverbs 20:5; John 1:10-13; Ephesians 2:4-7

Get a LIFE

“Getting a LIFE is a journey. From first breath to last, life can be full of adventure and excitement one moment, then full of doubt and pain the next. …Despite all that life can throw at us, we all want to have confidence that we are heading in the right direction: one that will help us to confidently navigate all of life with endurance and hope.  At Village Green Community Church, we believe that Jesus points us to a better…

Come Together

Various Texts  Communion is one of two ordinances in the evangelical church, the other being baptism. In this message, we dive into the rich theological treasure that is Communion, and why it is such a vital piece of our spiritual walk.

Prepare For Impact – Part 6: Holding Pattern

Trust is not an easy thing to surrender to someone else. We need proof and a willingness that trusting another is worth it. The same holds true with faith. Though we are taught to be self-reliant, faith really soars when we learn to surrender and trust God fully. Psalm 37:4-6; Isaiah 26:3-4; 40:31

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Village Green Newsletter – September 2023

We are back! After a break for the summer, we are excited to bring you our newsletter for the month of September. This is the month that typically initiates the beginning of a new ministry year. There are lots of updates with this edition so hope you are able to take the time and catch up on all that is coming in September! SUMMER IN REVIEW Before we get into the month ahead, we had an eventful summer at Village…

Hitachinaka Happenings

We are thankful for your prayers in response to our letter in April. It was a smooth transition from Japan to Waterloo. Rob`s back is much better. Tess and Jacob’s baby is due this September in Toronto, and we also are happy to announce Grady and Brittany will follow suit in October, with that birth being in Manila, Philippines. Julia, our youngest, calls the two growing babies “Thing 1 & Thing 2”, from the Cat in the Hat. We are…

Flemings in the Philippines!

Praise God for a great end to the school year. It’s so fun to reflect on this past year and think of all the experiences had, lessons learned, and relationships built at Faith. Here are some of our highlights from the last quarter of the semester: Baptisms By God’s grace, 7 high school students chose to publicly declare their repentance, faith, and obedience to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was such a privilege to watch their baptisms, and…