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Part 1: How Will We Know?

It is one thing for a prophet to predict an event, it is another matter altogether to predict details of that event that make the prediction undeniable. Isaiah 11:1-5; Jeremiah 23:5-6

Part 10: Redeemed Mess

The messiness of our lives can sometimes reflect how we understand God’s love for us. If we are not careful, we can view our messiness as God’s judgment, and not as a vehicle for redemption. Luke 4:16-21

Part 9: Head Strong

Sometimes we can become our own worst enemies. We can fixate on the wrong things and set ourselves up for a greater mess of our own making. How do we fill our minds in a way that is healthy and helpful? Proverbs 4:23; Philippians 4:8-9

Blog posts

Day Camp at Village Green

Village Green Community Church partnered with two camp organizations in July 2022, Forest Cliff Day Camps and Adullam Camp, to provide Day Camp opportunities this past summer. We are looking forward to having both camps return in 2023. Details for both camps will be posted as soon as they come available. It is anticipated Forest Cliff’s will be available by middle of December 2022 and Adullam’s, early in 2023. For more information and to register click the specific camp buttons…

Flemings in Japan

Autumn 2022 Hello to all of our faithful prayer and financial supporters! This year marks 30 years since we were appointed with Fellowship International! We are grateful to have been able to visit Ontario this past summer. We were able to connect with a number of churches and individuals, but our time was mostly about visiting family. We enjoyed time with Tess and Jacob currently living in Toronto and vacationing with Julia (final year of university). Spending time with aging…