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Tuesdays 7-9 & Sunday Mornings

Grades 6-12

Who We Are

Infinity exists as a place for all students in grade 6 to 12 to come and grow.  They grow in 2 different relationships.  First, infinity students will grow in their relationships with God.  Through age-specific teaching that shows the students what it means to live as a Christian today. Second, they will grow in their peer relationships.  We are intentional in our youth nights to make time to hang out and have fun together.

Tuesday Nights

Youth runs from 7-9 pm and we meet downstairs in the youth room.  We start all together for a game, then we split grades 6-8 and 9-12 for our teaching and small group times after we come back together to eat a snack and hang out in the youth room again.  The teaching and small group times are relevant and faith-based.

Sunday Mornings

We start out in the service for worship with our families and then the grades 6-8 get dismissed downstairs to the youth room.  The grades 9-12 stay in the whole service.  We watch a video-based curriculum and take part in a discussion based on what we watch.  After the lesson, we hang out in the youth room.  On Sunday mornings we also encourage our students to serve within the church.



Infinity youth runs monthly events where all grades 6-12 are invited.  These are great opportunities for friends to come and check out what youth is like in a safe and fun way.  The only exception is our two winter retreats we go on.  Snocamp for grades 9-12 happens in February/March every year and Bedlam for our grades 6-8 happens every November.


Stay Connected

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