Village Green Update – August 20, 2020

Welcome to another week and another update from Village Green Community Church. Media Room Update! Our media room is ready and will start to produce content beginning next week. It is one step towards fulfilling the initiatives that were laid out in our 2020 Leadership Retreat back in May. In looking forward, we established 4Continue reading “Village Green Update – August 20, 2020”

Village Green Update – August 13, 2020

Our latest update is here. This is one of the best ways to stay informed with all that is happening at Village Green.

Village Green Update – August 6, 2020

This Sunday is our first service since the government mandated shutdown on March 22nd, some 21 weeks ago. As you can see from the picture above, “Christian” is excited to welcome you back!

What About Judas and the Twelve Thrones?

Matthew 19 is a full chapter in the New Testament. It contains Jesus’ commitment to marriage (v.1–12), his profound love and promise to children (v.13–15), and his famous statement that it is near-impossible for the wealthy to enter the kingdom (v.23,24). The chapter concludes with this remarkable dialogue between Jesus and his disciples: Then Peter saidContinue reading “What About Judas and the Twelve Thrones?”