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Village Green Newsletter for March 2022

Welcome to March and the slow “march” towards spring. As of the beginning of this month, there are no longer capacity limits at our Sunday services. Masks are still required so if you’ve been wanting to come back to in-person services you are welcome to come without having to let the office know.

Flemings in the Philippines!

Blended Learning In light of the decrease in covid cases in Manila, the Department of Education in the Philippines is allowing Faith Academy to have school in person! This week we began “blended learning,” which means that we are teaching synchronously to kids online and in person. It is SO nice (and feels surreal) to have students in our classrooms. Faith Academy has not had in-person classes since March 2020! We are inviting you to pray with us as we…

Village Green Newsletter – February 2022 Edition

A new month is upon us and with it comes a new Village Green update in your inbox. As we begin this month the question we want to pose is this, “How are you bringing glory to God in 2022?” We began the year by presenting the challenge of glorifying God in every aspect of our lives.

Village Green Newsletter – January 2022 Edition

Happy New Year and welcome to the first newsletter of 2022. We pray that you had a wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating and experiencing the hope, peace, joy, and love of Jesus. We have a number of exciting things happening as we venture into January so make sure to take time and get caught up on all the happenings here at Village Green.

Village Green Newsletter – December 2021 Edition

Welcome to the December 2021 issue of the Village Green newsletter. This month marks the countdown towards Christmas Day and all that the season brings with it. Enjoy our December update for all that is happening at Village Green for this month and beyond.

Hitachinaka Happenings

Merry Christmas from Hitachinaka, Japan! As the world approaches a second “Covid Christmas”, we, like most people, will make adjustments. Our family Christmas celebration will definitely have a Zoom flavour this year. Tess and Jacob are in Toronto, Grady and Britt are teaching MKs in Manila. Kathryn and I are in Japan, but Kathryn will return to Canada briefly to visit her parents and siblings, and help Julia move from a work term in Toronto to a study term in…

This Pilgrim’s Progress…

This Pilgrim’s Progress… As we gathered last week as a staff team and spent time in this passage, I was left with several questions to ponder. Among them, what does good shepherding of non-believers look like? And what TRULY motivates me as I work with students–is it a crown of glory from the Chief Shepherd, or something else? These are hard but good questions to be asking as we enter a new year that is in many ways more uncertain…
Welcome to the October issue of the Village Green Newsletter. The Fall season is in full swing and we have a host of updates for you.

We Made It!!

We are excited to be writing this letter from the Philippines! God has provided abundantly for us, and continues to guide our path one step at a time. Thank you all for your love and support, we feel very covered in prayer! In this letter we will share with you a little update from these past few weeks, what we are up to now, and some prayer/praise items. What Have These Past Few Weeks Looked Like? Leading up to our…

Village Green Newsletter – August 2021 Edition

Welcome to the August edition of the Village Green newsletter. It is hard to believe that August is already upon us and in this edition, we have a number of updates and news items to not only prepare you for this month but for all the happenings coming in September as well.