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Village Green Newsletter for May 2023

Welcome to our May newsletter update. This newsletter will be a little different. It will break from the normal pattern of looking only to the month ahead. This time we will begin with a review of our Easter services in April.


SPRING UPDATE APRIL 2023 HAPPY EASTER!Our spring update is here and we wanted to get this out before the holiday weekend because the week after Holy week here seems to always get really busy. Here is a little snapshot of what has been going on in our lives: El NidoThe program has been running smoothly, but we were hoping to get another Rotary grant to be able to continue with the check-ups for another 6 months and it looks like…

Flemings in Japan

We have a special update, that hopefully will catch your attention before this weekend. Sometimes prayer needs develop quickly! Mr. Muroga, a Japanese mechanic who keeps our old car here in Japan on the road became a Christian about 3 years ago. His 82-year-old mom will get baptized this Easter Sunday in nearby Mito church. He led her to the Lord! Rob will preach from Luke 24 about Jesus` unusual encounter with the two disciples escaping to Emmaus. Please pray…