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The Biggest Hurdle We Face When We Feel Stuck

In this post, I talk about one mental exercise that is often the hurdle to moving forward out of the darkness. The hurdle is natural, and even promoted by the world around us, yet is a contributing factor to people feeling stuck.

Podcast – 9:31 Growing the Church in Canada

Pastor Jon has been featured in the latest instalment of Heritage College and Seminary’s podcast: 9:31 Growing the Church in Canada. it is a 2-part interview with each lasting a little over 20 minutes. You can catch them on iTunes here.

What it Takes to Stand Strong in Today’s World – 3 Key Questions

Ever read something that left you inspired? Something so profound that it lifted you in unexpected ways. Happened to me recently, though I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit it. You see, as a pastor, I should not be taken aback by reading a book of the Bible, after-all, it’s profound teaching should be a continual source of inspiration. But recently I was especially struck by┬áthe book of 1 Peter. I was moved by the power of Peter’s arguments, especially in the…