Village Green Newsletter for November 2022

Village Green Newsletter for November 2022

November is just around the corner so here is a look at the month and what you can look forward to at Village Green Community Church.


November 6 – The first Sunday in November is going to have a lot of things going on so here is the outline of all that is happening in this service.

Communion – This is our Communion Sunday where we participate in the Lord’s Table. We celebrate open communion, meaning the only requirement for participating is belief in Jesus Christ. If you are part of the online community and want to participate, please make sure to have the elements ready. For those of you attending in person, pick up your communion cup as you enter the auditorium.

IDOP – We will also be recognizing this service as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. There will be a prayer time before the service at 9:00 am in the Overflow Room. We will also be playing a video during the service to highlight the needs of believers who are being persecuted throughout the world.

Offering – Beginning on November 6 we are also going back to passing out the baskets for the offering. The offering will be taken early in the service after the strategic communication time.

November 20 – On this Sunday we will be taking up a special offering to help offset the cost of the new roof. Our new metal roof cost $140,000 so please consider how you are able to help us mitigate this expenditure.

November 27 – Our Christmas series, Holiday Hope begins on this Sunday. Few seasons garner the wide range of emotions like Christmas. For some, it is the season of fresh starts and hope, while for others it is a reminder of loss and pain. Regardless of the way the season affects you, its message reaches the heart of both the joyful and the hurting. We hope you join us for this inspiring look at the Christmas season.

We will also be following the Advent calendar and celebrating the lighting of the candles during each service. We are also including some special elements so plan to be with us as we celebrate the season as a community.


Our new digital connection cards are now operational. They serve a number of important functions from updating your information and areas of service to letting us know how we can serve you.

Here is the link to stay in touch


The closing session of Life Groups ends the week of November 20. The next session begins in the new year on January 15 when we start a new series, God Is…

There are a number of new podcasts being released on TheologyJam so make sure you get caught up by subscribing on your favourite platform.

Lastly, we wanted to update you on the ministry of benevolence here at Village Green and the difference your offerings are making in the lives of many. We have been able to offer help to a number of individuals as well as contribute to the food programs at Westview Baptist Church and St. John the Divine.

Thank you to those who make our benevolence program a vital part of our church and the practical needs that we serve through it.

Blessings with a deep appreciation for your partnering with us.
Jon Korkidakis