Village Green Newsletter for October 2022

Village Green Newsletter for October 2022

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter. The Fall season is in full swing and we have some interesting updates to pass on to you. This is not a long newsletter this month, so take a minute and enjoy.


Throughout the month of October, we are continuing with our series on the Messy Life. We are also in the midst of Life Groups as well. If you need to catch up on any of the messages or download the group material you can access them on our website. Simply go to and head to the “Messages” page where you will find a listing of the sermons with accompanying notes and PowerPoints. Below are some other dates in October to be aware of:

October 2. This is our Communion Sunday where we participate in the Lord’s Table. We celebrate open communion, meaning the only requirement for participating is belief in Jesus Christ. If you are part of the online community and want to participate, please make sure to have the elements ready. For those of you attending in person, pick up your communion cup as you enter the auditorium.

October 30. The last Sunday of October has been designated a “Celebration Sunday.” These are the mornings where we celebrate those coming into membership, those presenting children for parental dedication, or those of you wanting to be baptized. If you are ready to take the next step in your walk with Jesus or with the church, just contact the church at and we will get you on the schedule for that Sunday.


You will notice some changes to our building in the coming weeks. The first is we are having a new metal roof installed on the church. This is a $140,000 expenditure that comes with a 40-year warranty. Our present roof is deteriorating and in time, would have cost us significant problems.

The second is the installation of security cameras on the exterior of the building. This will give us 24-hour surveillance of the property with face-recognition capabilities. A couple of cameras are already installed and in the coming weeks, you will see more.


Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Carolyn Weber for the podcast. As some of you know, Carolyn and her family used to attend Village Green and now live in the US, just outside of Nashville. She is also an acclaimed author and her book, Surprised by Oxford, has been made into a movie.

The release date for the movie has yet to be announced but you can catch the podcast here

The trailer for the movie has been released so you can get a sneak peek on the following link.


We appreciate very much your faithful giving as you partner with us here at Village Green. Here are the ways you can help us to continue making a difference.

1. Drop off your offering at the church in the basket when entering service on Sunday mornings. You can also simply drop off your offering in the mailbox at the church.

2. Use the following link to go to the Giving Page on our website,
3. You can give through e-transfer by going to please make sure your address is up to date and on file if you use this option.


September has been a very encouraging start. We are seeing many new faces and many staying to make Village Green their new church home. Our youth and Life Group ministries are growing, as well as Kids Connection, which is a reminder that God is being faithful in our midst.

May we continue to be a church that is welcoming and takes the time to reach out and care. We have heard firsthand from many who are new to the church that we are a welcoming place with a heart for everyone. Let’s keep praying for the Lord to continue to bless us.

Lastly, I have a personal ask. If you have enjoyed my latest offering, Touching God: Discovering Prayer that Moves the Heart of God, would you take a few minutes and write a review on Amazon? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again and may the Lord make his face shine upon you today,
Jon Korkidakis