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The 7 bible chapters you need to know

The Bible can be an overwhelming book, but there are a handful of chapters that shape the entire book’s theology and world-view, which will drastically alter the way you see and understand the world.

Wondering about God?

If you want to know the truth about God — really know the truth — you are a “seeker.” That’s good because according to Jesus, seekers find what they’re looking for. Seekers come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of backgrounds. Some don’t believe in God; others do believe in God but aren’t sure how to connect with Him. What most seekers have in common is that they’re open to the possibility God may exist, and more importantly, that He…

Finger Foods 2012

The annual Finger Foods evening was held in April 2012, with a tasty turnout of dishes and samplers. Thanks to everyone who cooked, baked and tasted the goodies.