Thank You!

Dear Village Green, I wanted to write a blog post to you all thanking for the last two years.  When I came to Village Green Community Church, I was a nervous and insecure mess.  I needed a lot of encouragement and pushing to grow as a believer but, more importantly, as a Pastor.  These lastContinue reading “Thank You!”

We Need Your Help!

As we approach another Fall season that means we will be kicking back into another new year of kids ministry. Which has left me pondering, what should be next for Kids Connection? Last year we made a couple of changes. We had the kids start being downstairs for the whole service. We introduced our largeContinue reading “We Need Your Help!”

Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp

As May is starting thoughts of Summer are creeping into our minds. Perhaps for some of you, your summer’s have been planned for a few months now. The reality we all face is that summer is approaching quickly and whether you love summer or not we will have to face it. As you are preppingContinue reading “Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp”

From Kids to Adults – Individuality

If I am completely honest with you all, I don’t love every topic that Orange does.  Every month has important truths that our kids need to hear, but sometimes they just miss the mark.  However, this month hits right on the target.  Our theme is Individuality.  Identity is something that is becoming more and moreContinue reading “From Kids to Adults – Individuality”

Stronger Together

When I started at Village Green I didn’t like that Jr High and Sr High were meeting on the same night.  I grew up in a church environment that Jr High and Sr High met on different nights and ran separately.  This was a change I was determined to make.  However, as time has goneContinue reading “Stronger Together”

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