Live stream update – Oct 11, 2020

Hello church! We are going to be streaming the service via Facebook today. Please use the link below to connect:

Join us live!

Join us on Sundays – Live at 10am!

Click here to access our live stream, catch up on our current sermon series, connect with us and access past videos.

Benevolence Update

As an integral part of the ministry of the mission of Village Green Community Church, our Benevolence Program provided financial assistance to individuals or families who were experiencing financial or material needs. This program operated for several years and provided those in need a food voucher which was redeemable for product at local grocery stores.Continue reading “Benevolence Update”

Life Groups

Interested in joining our Life Groups? Awesome! You’ve come to the right place. Our current Life Groups are meeting on: Sundays after church, Monday evenings, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday evenings Regarding childcare: many of the groups are very conducive for your children to come, so contact us and we will find a group that worksContinue reading “Life Groups”

Update from Jake and Leidy, Colombia – March 2018

Here is the latest update from our missionary friends in Colombia, Jake and Leidy Paul 🙂 Hi Everyone, Here is a link to our video update. Just click below! Hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any other questions. We will send out a Spanish version shortly. 🙂 Jake & Leidy.

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