Snocamp Winter Retreat

Snocamp Winter Retreat

This was our first year going to Snocamp in a long time.  Snocamp is a winter retreat for our High School students.  We head up to Muskoka Woods and join in with over 500 other students in a time of worship and fun.  These weekends are designed to break the static of everyday life for the students.  When that static is broken it does wonderful things.

Students get to spend an entire weekend away from their lives.  At Snocamp there is no school, work, or any drama.  It is a complete getaway that is definitely needed in the pressures of life. In place of school, work, and drama they get God, relationship building and new experiences.  Getting to go up and just spend time getting closer with God and each other as a youth group was totally amazing.  I know the students came back energized and grateful for going.

This is why retreats are crucial to youth ministry.  It gives the group 48 hours together that is the same equivalent of 24 average youth nights.  It is where unity as group happens.  Where life lasting friendships can be built.  Where big steps in their personal faith can be made.  These kinds of weekends are and always will be ministry wins!

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