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As we approach another Fall season that means we will be kicking back into another new year of kids ministry. Which has left me pondering, what should be next for Kids Connection?

Last year we made a couple of changes. We had the kids start being downstairs for the whole service. We introduced our large group time where the kids would play together and then head to their classrooms for teaching time. During our classroom time, we implemented some small group questions. It has been, on the most part going well.

We are going to try out a couple of changes, though. First, we will be shifting our Check-in to the individual classroom’s. I hope that by September we will be able to check the kids in and out through planning center at their classroom doors. The reason for this is because it will be safer for the kids, It helps the volunteers get to know the parents better, and the kids better too. Plus that is one less volunteer needed on a Sunday morning. The second change is that we will be splitting the grades 1-5 classroom. This class can range from 15-30 kids depending on the Sunday and because of that makes doing our God time much harder. When we have our small group time if one age range finishes first, then it forces the other group to wrap up what could be a good conversation early. It also makes setting up the activities after small group much harder. We will be splitting this class into two, grades 1-3 class and a grades 4-5 class. These changes will allow us to focus in more on what they are learning and dig deeper in their understanding of God.

With these changes, I am coming to you with my hat in hand. Kids Connection is hurting for volunteers. We are regularly short people on Sunday’s, and it is taking a toll on the volunteers that we do have. I am asking if you would consider giving one Sunday a month to help pour into these kids. I would love it if you were willing to come alongside these kids and help us point them towards God. When families and the church work together, we make a greater impact.

Here are the area’s we need help:

Classroom Teachers: Each Classroom needs at least two volunteers. We have five classrooms starting this Fall. The two teachers work together to run through the small group discussion and activities that have been picked out and prepped for Kids Connection.

Large Group Teacher: Our Large group time consists of organizing games for all the kids to take part in and burn off some energy before their Classroom time.

One on One Support: Some of our kids need one on one support on a Sunday Morning. If you wanted to serve in this capacity, your role would be to focus in on that one student and help make that Sunday Morning special for them.

Sunday Lead: Every Sunday, there is a point person for everyone to look too. The Sunday Lead’s responsibility is to make sure the classrooms are unlocked and that the teachers are ready for their classes. Then after the service, the Sunday Lead would lock up downstairs.

Activity Prep: If you love looking through the curriculum and picking out the activities that the kids will be doing, then this is the job for you. You would get sent the monthly curriculum. Then you would work through it and decide what activities each or a specific age range will do and compile a list of what supplies will be needed for them.

Supply Shopper: Picking up supplies is once a month task, and if you like shopping, this is the perfect way for you to be involved. I would email a list of what is needed once a month, you would pick it all up, submit the receipts to me, and I would make sure you get reimbursed.

If any of these interest you or you have questions, please email Devon (familyministries@villagegreenchurch.com)


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