From Kids to Adults – Compassion

From Kids to Adults – Compassion

Since it is Christmas time, our students are learning about Jesus birth.  One of the themes is compassion.  Compassion is something that speaks highly of Jesus’ life.

Our theme verse for the month is John 3:16 which says 16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life”.  This verse describes compassion to its fullest.  God loved us so deeply that he gave his Son which is a part of him for the sole reason of dying on the cross for our sins.  Let’s break down this scenario. Us in relation to God is like that friend that backstabs you constantly.  You know the type.  The friend that is all encouraging and nice to your face but the second you turn around they are running your name in the mud.  That is what we do to God, we don’t run around scheming up ways to destroy God’s name but in our nature, we will always choose sin.  God is able to look at people for who they truly are and when he looks at us we are sinners.  Yet He still chose to send His Son to the cross for us.  So we could have eternal life with God again.  This is the beauty of this message.  For us who are Christians, when God looks at us all he sees is Jesus.  Because Jesus saved us, Jesus changed us, and Jesus guides us.

I love Christmas time because it reminds us that Jesus was human too.  That he existed on this earth and experienced everything we ever will.  As you go into this season with your families take time to thank Jesus for all that He has done.  Let’s celebrate His birth!


Devon Snelgrove


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