Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp

Why Your Kids Should Come to Day Camp

As May is starting thoughts of Summer are creeping into our minds. Perhaps for some of you, your summer’s have been planned for a few months now. The reality we all face is that summer is approaching quickly and whether you love summer or not we will have to face it. As you are prepping for what your kids will be doing over their time off of school, I wanted to explain a couple of reasons as to why you should consider Day Camp.

It will get them out of the house

I don’t know what your summers are like, but I remember mine. When I was young riding my bike and playing with my toys was a lot of fun; however, after a couple of weeks or days, I would get bored. Then I would start to bug my parents saying I am bored, let’s do something, or can we go somewhere. I was never one that was inspired to go outside and find an adventure, and once I was regularly playing video games, I never wanted to stop playing. Sending you kids to Day Camp will get them out of the house for the day which sometimes that is a victory in and of itself.

They can build greater friendships

When your kids attend a Day Camp, they won’t be attending alone. They will get to spend several hours in the day with other kids their age. Some they may know from school, church, or other activities and some kids will be new. Making new friends is always awesome because then you have a new person in your life, but the best part is that they get to do life together in different environments. Whether it is games, craft, snack, music, or wonderzone (which is super fun science stuff), they all allow your kids to interact with each other in different situations, and that helps them build deeper and stronger relationships with others.

Day Camp will exhaust them

As I am getting older, I say that understanding I am still quite young. As I age, I realize the difference in the energy I have and what a kid has. I can spend a day doing nothing of great mental or physical strain and go to bed quite exhausted; this is often not the case for the kids. One thing Day Camp does is tire them out. I know this because generally by Wednesday or Thursday the kids start to get a little cranky as they are tired. We pack the day full of High Energy consuming activities, so they come home ready for bed.

They will learn about faith

We have a lot of fun at Day Camp, but that is not our end goal. The purpose of Village Green’s Day Camp is for the kids to learn about Jesus and the hope that we can have in Him. I know that not every kid that comes to Camp knows Jesus and we make it our goal to help them discover who Jesus is. We start each day with Large Group time that has the kids learn about God, and then we discuss what we learned in Small Groups every day. This time is my highlight of the week. Watching kids discover God is truly an exciting part of running Day Camp.

Day Camp is a worthwhile investment in your kids summer. These are just a few reasons why Day Camp is beneficial for your kids. I genuinely hope you will consider signing your kids up for a Day Camp this summer. If you have July 15-19 free in your kid’s schedule, we would love to have them with us over that week at Village Green.

Have a blessed Summer,


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