Glorious Ruins

Glorious Ruins

Our heart-shattered lives don’t for a moment escape God’s notice! He takes our brokenness and transforms it into something glorious – something that can change the world!

Glorious Ruins from Village Green Community Church on Vimeo.

Worship is about developing intimacy with God. It is about spending time getting to know who God is and being honest with Him about who we are. We all experience times of challenge and temptation; we experience periods when the brokenness of this world is painfully evident. During these struggles, we can become masters of pretending – pretending we are okay when we are not, acting as though we are not tempted in some way or pretending we never doubt God. Psalm 51 reminds us that God is not interested in a flawless performance, He wants us to invite Him into our lives. In sharing our dark corners and the hidden, broken places with God, we admit our need for a saviour. Acknowledging our need for Jesus is the beginning of our transformation.

We are real people, with real struggles. We have genuine faith in God, who can do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. We are the church.

This video was inspired by Psalm 51 (The Message) and the song, ‘Glorious Ruins’ by Hillsong. Thank you to Juan Neira for taking the photographs and creating the video, to Sue Das for writing the script and speaking, and to all the people who participated in this project.


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