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It’s That Time of Year – Budget Time!

Besides the ushering in of a brand new year, it’s that time when we enter into the budgeting process.  For those of you who are responsible for submitting or overseeing a part of the church’s budget, I wanted to take a moment to present some criteria that I hope will be helpful. Budgets can be a daunting process and without some guidelines, can lead to frustration.  Here are some things to consider as you work through your requests for 2013-2014. 1.…

Let’s stand together in 2013

A new year is almost upon us and I believe we are approaching it with lots to be thankful and hopeful for. Village Green continues to grow as a vibrant community of Christ Followers and each week I hear stories of what God is doing in many people’s lives. I am personally thankful for the people, the volunteers, the Elders, the Board, and the staff.  There is an incredible sense of working together with dedication and purpose.  We may not…

A Christmas prayer

To our Village Green Community Church family; As Darlene and I were preparing our Christmas letter for 2012 we were reflecting on the year and the incredible journey we are on as a church.  In doing so, we could not help but give thanks to God for the way he continues to bless us through you.  Therefore, for this year’s letter, we wanted to share our prayer for Village Green, one that we hope you share with us as we…

Learning together as leaders

One of the ways we are cultivating leadership here at Village Green is by sharing reading resources. Here is some reading that both the Board and staff are taking time for in their regular meetings, to discuss, interact, and consider ways of implementing what we’ve learned.

The 7 bible chapters you need to know

The Bible can be an overwhelming book, but there are a handful of chapters that shape the entire book’s theology and world-view, which will drastically alter the way you see and understand the world.