What About Judas and the Twelve Thrones?

Matthew 19 is a full chapter in the New Testament. It contains Jesus’ commitment to marriage (v.1–12), his profound love and promise to children (v.13–15), and his famous statement that it is near-impossible for the wealthy to enter the kingdom (v.23,24). The chapter concludes with this remarkable dialogue between Jesus and his disciples: Then Peter saidContinue reading “What About Judas and the Twelve Thrones?”

4 Things for a Great Worship Culture

Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of being the worship coordinator at Village Green. In those short two-year, Village Green has become family for my family and a place of grace and support as we share in the work of the gospel. I’m convinced God is doing great things at Village GreenContinue reading “4 Things for a Great Worship Culture”

3 Biblical Principles for Christians During an Election

Elections are always a tense time in our society. As most of us cast a vote this week, we will do so hoping our candidate will win and shape our province the way we believe is best. Elections sometimes feel like the Super Bowl – many of us will gather around our televisions cheering ourContinue reading “3 Biblical Principles for Christians During an Election”

A. W. Tozer – The Man Who Wrestled with God

If you’ve ever read any of the works of A. W. Tozer, you were more than likely surprised at how relevant his words are for today. In an essay for McMaster Divinity College, I discuss Tozer’s life, ministry and theological thought. For a publication of the essay, follow the link below. A. W. Tozer –Continue reading “A. W. Tozer – The Man Who Wrestled with God”

When Leaders Retreat

This past Saturday the staff, elders, and board members of the church met to review and discuss the vision for Village Green. God has led incredible men and women to take the reigns of leadership at our church. As I left the room, I was encouraged by the health and unity of our teams – everyoneContinue reading “When Leaders Retreat”

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