When Leaders Retreat

When Leaders Retreat

This past Saturday the staff, elders, and board members of the church met to review and discuss the vision for Village Green. God has led incredible men and women to take the reigns of leadership at our church. As I left the room, I was encouraged by the health and unity of our teams – everyone takes their leadership role seriously and strives to be a good steward at Village Green. At the top of our agenda was a verse from Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision the people perish,” and I know that everyone in that room understood the weight of that reality.

It’s a massive responsibility to establish a vision – to answer the question “Who do we want to be, and how do we get there,” but it is one that any faithful leader must answer. There is a risk in asking that question – what if when we bring our voices together, they produce discord instead of clarity? What if my vision is radically different than the rest of the team?

Some leaders when faced with that risk turn to the status-quo. They relinquish their responsibility to communicate, retreat from their duty, cross their fingers and hope everything will turn out OK. In any circumstance, this is a recipe for disaster. When leaders ignore their responsibility to lead, businesses fail, organizations devolve into anarchy, and children feel uncared for. In a church community, when leaders retreat like this change is hardly experienced. Without a vision, people go nowhere.

However, when leaders retreat to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, open their hearts together, ask the tough questions and dream big for what God is going to do in the life of His church, great things can happen. I am so privileged to be apart of a team that has the leadership that it does. From my fellow staff to the elders, to the board, please know how much we value our leadership roles and responsibilities.

Together at Village Green, we seek to love God, love others, and change the world. Over the next several months, we will share more about how we see us experiencing that goal. So stay tuned, because great things are in store for us!

Worship Arts Coordinator


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