In Praise of Every Day Heroes

I’m surrounded by heroes. Not the DC Comic or Marvel versions we see in the comics or at the movie theatres. As entertaining as they may be, they don’t really inspire me in meaningful ways.

I’m also not talking about those courageous people who serve the general public by potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. Police, firemen, military, disaster-relief workers, or the like.The heroes I’m talking about rarely get the recognition they deserve.

The Biggest Hurdle We Face When We Feel Stuck

In this post, I talk about one mental exercise that is often the hurdle to moving forward out of the darkness. The hurdle is natural, and even promoted by the world around us, yet is a contributing factor to people feeling stuck.

Two Free Chapters From The Trojan Horse of Leadership

This week I decided to give away a couple of chapters of my book, The Trojan Horse of Leadership: Battling the Enemy We All Face. I’ve attached the opening two chapters (the Introduction and Chapter 1), and hopefully it will entice you to get the book. Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but the bigger andContinue reading “Two Free Chapters From The Trojan Horse of Leadership”