Two Free Chapters From The Trojan Horse of Leadership

Two Free Chapters From The Trojan Horse of Leadership

This week I decided to give away a couple of chapters of my book, The Trojan Horse of Leadership: Battling the Enemy We All Face. I’ve attached the opening two chapters (the Introduction and Chapter 1), and hopefully it will entice you to get the book.

Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but the bigger and more important reason for luring you in this way is because I believe so much in the power of great leadership. Maybe its because we continue to witness leadership failures that has me so concerned about the state of leadership overall.

The book explores how our strengths – the very characteristics that make us marketable, successful, and worthy of following – can actually contribute to sabotaging our leadership. A timely read in light of the present leadership climate that advocates focusing on strengths while virtually ignoring the weaknesses.

Maybe you don’t have a leadership bone in your body. The book will still help you to see areas of your life that could affect the relationship you treasure most.

You can get your preview chapters here The Trojan Horse of Leadership-Preview Chapters.


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