Village Green welcomes Grady and Britt Fleming!

Village Green welcomes Grady and Britt Fleming!

Exciting News to Share:  At Village Green we are now entering into a 3rd generation of those connecting in the area of Missions.  Reg and Marita Campbell were members of VG and Marita served on the Missions Committee.  Their daughter, Kathyrn and Rob Fleming are partnership missionaries serving in Japan.  Their son, Grady and his wife, have been approved to serve in the Philippines.  Grady and Britt will be teaching high school at the Christian Academy in Manila for two years (July 1st, 2021 – June 30, 2023) with FEB International.

Watch this video from FEB International to learn more about Grady and Britt.

Here is their first newsletter:

We are so excited to be sending out our first newsletter! Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to serve God at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines! We are so grateful for all of you, and we hope you enjoy reading this little update about what we have been up to, where we are at, and what we are anticipating.  

What Have We Been Up To? 
Since the start of 2021 we have fully devoted ourselves to raising a team of prayer and financial partners. Since January 29th, we have had a total of 160 meetings, 84 of which have been meetings specifically geared towards raising prayer and financial partners. It was a tiring season, but it was also fun, exciting, and spiritually enriching.  Before we started meeting with people, we spent a few weeks seeking the Lord for wisdom and guidance. He graciously led us as we crafted a vision and a mission statement. If we haven’t had the chance to share these with you yet, here they are!  

Vision: To contribute to the Great Commission and the furtherance of the gospel in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and beyond. Mission: To create disciples who make disciples through the organic relationships we are able to build through teaching and coaching, to support missionary families, and to serve and get involved in a local church and community.  

This vision and mission will help guide us as we serve at Faith Academy over the next two years, and will help inform us on how to respond to the various opportunities and challenges that we will face. One of the biggest highlights for us during this season was that we were able to meet up with fellow believers who are joyfully and faithfully serving God in all areas of life. We are so thankful to have felt so close to the Body of Christ in this time and to be able to partner with you all in the Great Commission. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all have an important part to play in the advancement of the gospel!

Where Are We At?   We were required to raise a total of $125,750 for the next two years. By God’s grace, 98% of our funds have come in, either through pledges or donations. Praise God! The fact that our funds came in so quickly was a great encouragement to us, and gave us a sense of peace that God has us exactly where He wants us to be. God is providing and will continue to provide for all of our needs according to His will and in His timing. While we are not quite at 100% yet, we have started to shift our attention from partner raising to preparing for the field.    

What Does the Future Hold?   We sat down together in early May to discern how we might best steward the time we have left before the school year begins. In light of our mission statement, we identified three areas that we will focus on: (1) Discipling, (2) Teaching, and (3) Life in the Philippines. Our desire is that everything that we do to prepare would flow out of abiding in Jesus. Our days will be filled with spending time in the Word, familiarizing ourselves with curriculum, learning different teaching methods and how best to teach missionary kids in an international school context, learning Tagalog, and participating in relevant courses, training sessions, and orientations. While there is still much uncertainty in regards to the 2021-2022 school year, we will do our best to share a few things that have been confirmed (for now), and perhaps answer a few commonly asked questions.  

What are we teaching? Grady has been accepted as a high school social studies teacher. Britt has been accepted as a high school French teacher, and is now in conversation about potentially teaching high school Bible.  When does the school year start? August 16, 2021 How is Covid-19 affecting Faith Academy? Faith Academy was entirely online this past year. Regarding the upcoming school year, Faith Academy is making decisions six weeks at a time. It has been confirmed that the first six weeks will be entirely online. The mode of instruction for the subsequent six-week block will be re-evaluated during the first six weeks. Where will you be when the school year starts? The short answer is, we aren’t sure yet.  Here’s the long answer. Our mission organization’s Associate Director has advised us that we get fully vaccinated prior to our departure. We have gladly submitted to this instruction. We will be able to register for our first doses as of May 24, meaning that we would likely get our first dose some time in June. While we aren’t sure when we will be getting our second dose, we are thankful that the first six weeks of classes are online so that we can teach remotely and have a bit of flexibility with our departure.    

Prayer Requests:  Prayer for continued growth, protection, and unity in our marriage.  Prayer for discipline as we shift into a season of preparation. Prayer for grace, humility, efficiency, and joy as we learn. Prayer for wisdom to prepare well, despite the uncertainties.  Prayer that everything would unfold in the Lord’s timing and that we would be able to recognize the Lord’s hand in everything – from vaccines, visas, learning our roles at the school, and everything in between.  Prayer that we would be able to foster relationships with other staff at Faith Academy during our new staff orientation calls over the next few months.     Thank you so much for your prayer and support. It really means a lot to us! Keep an eye out for an email coming your way around the beginning of June. We are creating a little survey for all of our prayer and financial partners to inform us on how we can best love, serve, and pray for you.   Much love,  Britt and Grady


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