This Week at Village Green – May 21, 2021

This Week at Village Green – May 21, 2021

Welcome to the weekly update from Village Green Community Church. We are the church whose mission is to love God, love others, and be a part of changing our world!

Coming May 31st – Information Night – Statement on the Current State of Affairs

As the pandemic continues to affect our lives, the Elders felt it necessary to have a dedicated evening to answer a host of questions concerning the position of Village Green at this time. Questions such as:

  • Why does Village Green continue to abide by government restrictions and lockdowns when some churches are fighting against them?
  • What about conspiracy theories, Q-Anon, and other agencies (even other churches) that are promoting a different script than the one in the popular media?
  • As Christians, what is Village Green’s responsibility to the larger community?
  • Does Village Green see the lockdowns as a form of persecution?

These and many more questions will be touched on in an attempt to make clear our position as a church. The presentation will be prerecorded but will go live on the evening of May 31st at 8:00 pm EST.

If you have a question you would like addressed, you can send it to the office at We will be accepting questions until May 21st at noon, so make sure you get them in before the cutoff.

The COVID Service Code!

As a reminder from the closing message of The Things God Uses, we gave the five points for building community and discipleship, even in the midst of a pandemic. They are five simple words but they help keep us focused on the priorities of being the church, even in a difficult season like the one we are experiencing now.

  1. Pray
  2. Encourage
  3. Connect
  4. Give
  5. Reach

Welcome to Our Summer Interns

We want to welcome our summer interns, Aiden Wiebe and Kate Bahula. They will be working alongside the staff to improve, upgrade, and administer the systems here at Village Green. Now, beyond those rudimentary tasks, they will be vital in helping us improve our ability to grow community and discipleship, our two primary areas of focus as a church.

Aiden is working in the area of worship and Kate on website and social platforms. We have a third intern coming soon with their primary focus on youth. We are excited to welcome Kate and Aiden as part of the government summer jobs program.

New Series – Prayer Matters

Beginning May 30th is a new three-part series entitled, Prayer Matters. Prayer is not only important, it is vital to our spiritual wellbeing. Join us as we delve into prayer, not as a way of getting what we want, but as a way of recognizing what we truly need, as we build a deeper relationship with our heavenly father.

The Gathering – Coming Sunday, June 13th – Don’t Miss It!

Our next online community GATHERING is scheduled for June 13th and will run from 11:15-12:15. If you are part of our online community and want to meet and get to know others, why not take this opportunity and sign up. You can let the office know by contacting us at

The Gathering is set up in groups of 8 so it’s easy to connect with one another. Remember to also use the new links that will be sent to you just prior to the Gathering (either Saturday or early Sunday). Lastly, the cutoff for letting the office know is Friday, June 11th, at 3:00 pm.

Our focus question for the Gathering revolves around the topic of prayer. “Is prayer simply talking to God, or is there more to prayer than just talking?”

Giving – So You Can Continue to Make a Difference!

1. Drop off your offering at the church, either in the mailbox at the front entrance or in the basket when entering service on Sunday mornings (When physical meetings are allowed).
2. Use the following link to go to the Giving Page on our website,
3. You can give through e-transfer by going to please make sure your address is up to date and on file if you use this option.

That’s it for this week,
Stay safe and stay healthy.

Jon Korkidakis


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