How Leaders Affect the Future

I once served on a church planting committee for a large denomination. As a group, we were responsible for interviewing potential planters and gauging whether they would be able to successfully start a new congregation. We had a myriad of assessment tools that we used but one in particular stood out. It dealt specifically withContinue reading “How Leaders Affect the Future”

The 3 Reasons People Leave a Church

As a leader, you long to see your ministry grow and thrive. So when people leave, it can leave you deflated and discouraged, especially if they were contributing members of the congregation. Here are 3 reasons people leave a church and why it should matter to you as a leader.

Getting Heard When It Really Matters – The 3 Dimensions of a Great Message

For those of us in the church world who give messages on a regular basis, the challenge to be captivating, inspiring, and even timely adds additional pressure. Here is a simple 3-part outline to make sure your message gets the attention it deserves.

Podcast – 9:31 Growing the Church in Canada

Pastor Jon has been featured in the latest instalment of Heritage College and Seminary’s podcast: 9:31 Growing the Church in Canada. it is a 2-part interview with each lasting a little over 20 minutes. You can catch them on iTunes here.

From Kids to Adults – Compassion

Since it is Christmas time, our students are learning about Jesus birth.  One of the themes is compassion.  Compassion is something that speaks highly of Jesus’ life. Our theme verse for the month is John 3:16 which says 16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyoneContinue reading “From Kids to Adults – Compassion”