Hitachinaka Happenings

Hitachinaka Happenings

Greetings from shaky Hitachinaka!

We were just falling asleep at about 11 pm, Feb. 13th, when we experienced what our kids used to call a “biggie” earthquake. The epicenter was 100 km north of our home in Hitachinaka City, near the Fukushima Nuclear Plant made infamous by the 2011 triple disaster. We escaped (this time) with rattling dishes and rattled nerves. Another reminder of the power of God, and of the reality that we are not in control. But we are also aware of the privileges we have been afforded! We get to participate in, and witness God’s moving of more than our furniture! This time, the earthquake was just a reminder.

Might this be an opportunity for us to ask you to pray specifically? Pray on Monday, Feb. 15th for Kathryn, as God has opened up an opportunity to have a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with Mrs. M. and her two good friends. It seems they are just curious and not seeking, but pray that God would use his Word in a powerful way to speak to their hearts. Again, on the 17th the first DBS with a Christian friend and two ladies who are definitely seekers. Also, a neighbour has been coming to our house every Saturday to learn how to knit. She is a precious 11-year-old. While spending time with Kath, little Ruka said the thing she was most thankful for in 2020 was that she “did not perish” because of Covid-19. Like most Japanese kids, her favourite movie is Demon Slayer. Kath was able to have a really good conversation with her, introduce her to Jesus and give her a Manga Bible booklet. There are many Bible characters on the front cover but the one Ruka picked out and noticed right away was a dark little figure of Satan. Please join us in praying that we would continue to shine the light in this dark place.

“Let the little children come to me Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to
such as these”.

Like you in Canada, we have been forced to scale back in-person meetings the past few weeks because of the worsening Covid-19 situation here in Japan, but look forward to continuing to build relationships with the desire to see many discovering Jesus. Pray for those who are presently in DBS’s to continue.

Rob desires to encourage local believers to reach out to those who have never heard of Jesus, through ministry in 5 little churches nearby. Most have no pastor, but we don’t want them to simply settle for Rob‘s pulpit supply when there is so much ministry waiting for them to do amongst those who might never get to hear Jesus` good news!

Thank you for your prayer ministry on behalf of Japan, and for keeping us here though your sacrificial support.

Rob and Kathryn Fleming


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