This Week at Village Green – February 12, 2021

This Week at Village Green – February 12, 2021

Another week and another update from Village Green Community Church. We were overwhelmed by the response we received last week with our interview with Ashley Zietsma. We will be delivering more content like Ashley’s interview in the coming months. Remember, if you want to catch up on a previous message, series, newsletter, or just to stay connected, the following list is your gateway to more content.

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Our Current Sermon Series

Join us for our series on Elijah. The tagline for the messages is “Faith for Turbulent Times”. Elijah lived in a time of incredible upheaval. From natural disaster to political opposition, he faced many challenges in the years he served as a prophet of the Lord.

His story has many touchpoints to our modern world, especially as our culture continues to challenge the notion of faith in God. As the story of Elijah powerfully illustrates, faith is a necessity, especially when the world is spinning out of control.

Coming March 1

The Book of Acts – The Mission of God

We are starting a new teaching series on Monday evenings beginning on, March 1st. The study is a 12 week deep dive into the Book of Acts.

The study will run for 12 consecutive Monday evenings starting at 7:00 pm EST with the sessions running for one hour.

Notes for each study will be made available each week on the website, and the videos will be streamed on YouTube. If you miss a week (or two), notes and videos will still be available so don’t worry about falling behind.

Youth Coordinator Update

Join us on February 21st as we introduce some exciting news concerning our youth ministry. This is part of our ongoing effort to be proactive in initiating ministry that will have implications beyond the present and well into the future. Our youth are a vital part of our ongoing mission to Love God, love others, and change the world.

Share…Because it is Making a Difference

Our Facebook Group

Did you know we are already seeing a 10-15% increase in online views? Sharing our content is a simple and effective way of reaching others with the good news of Christ. We have mentioned this in the last number of newsletters but it’s worth repeating because it is working. Don’t be shy…hit that share button!

Give…Because it is Making a Difference

One of our vision statements is to GIVE. As believers, we are encouraged to be people with “large hearts.” It is the New Testament imagery behind the word for generosity. Did you know that because of the large hearts we have at Village Green we have been able to do the following:

  • Meet the practical needs of many through our benevolent fund.
  • Maintained giving levels even though we have been in a pandemic mode for a year.
  • Continue to invest in better technology so we can reach even more people.

Here is how you can make a difference:
1. Drop off your offering at the church, either in the mailbox at the front entrance or in the basket when entering service on Sunday mornings (When physical meetings are allowed).
2. Use the following link to go to the Giving Page on our website,
3. You can give through e-transfer by going to please make sure your address is up to date and on file if you use this option.

One More Thing

In many ways, living and leading a ministry in the midst of a pandemic can feel like you are spending more time in reaction mode. It is a necessity in our present situation to pivot when the situation calls for it, but at the same time, we do need to keep looking forward with optimism, hope, and strategic perseverance.

I’m happy to say that there are a number of exciting updates coming soon. The leadership has spent time praying, discussing, and evaluating our ministries so that we can be effective for years to come. Remember our Vision 2020 motto that stated, “What do we need to have in place or in process in order to be effective in the next decade?”

Here are some of the projects we are working towards:

  • A “State of the Church” address and budget presentation on March 21. It will feature the highlights of the Leadership Retreat in January and the strategic plan for the remainder of the year.
  • A new initiative and delivery model for Kids Connection.
  • A new Youth Coordinator and potential ministry partnership.
  • A new after service connection time.
  • An expanded social media presence.
  • A new Podcast.
  • And much more….

There are some exciting initiatives in the days ahead, but let me be clear for those who may see the list above as nothing more than a “to-do” list. All our initiatives are driven by our singular focus to reach more people for Christ. Not only that, but to help them grow as well. Without that laser focus, our activities and busyness just fills in the hours of a day with little value or purpose.

So, would you pray? Pray that whatever we endeavour to accomplish as a church, it would touch lives and bring glory to God. Remember, the most courageous thing you can do in this life is to love as Jesus loved, and when we do, our programs become much more than a time slot on a calendar, they become a means of changing the world!

Blessings for your week ahead. Stay safe and stay healthy!
Jon Korkidakis

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    Yamile Cespedes

    This message exhales joy, expectancy and confidence in the Lord! It makes me rejoice.

    God bless Village Green Community Church.

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