Flemings in Japan

Flemings in Japan

Autumn 2022

Hello to all of our faithful prayer and financial supporters! This year marks 30 years since we were appointed with Fellowship International! We are grateful to have been able to visit Ontario this past summer. We were able to connect with a number of churches and individuals, but our time was mostly about visiting family. We enjoyed time with Tess and Jacob currently living in Toronto and vacationing with Julia (final year of university). Spending time with aging parents was especially sweet and hopefully helpful for them. We caught more fish than expected, were blessed by friends we didn’t expect to meet up with, swam, canoed, ate a lot, and ended up seeing 10 of our 13 siblings, some for the first time in 5-plus-years. All that to say, we were blessed to have the chance to come to Canada this summer.

We have returned to a neighbourhood curious about our departure. (Your car was gone, your yard/veggie garden is full of weeds, but you didn’t really tell me you were leaving for the whole summer…) Meeting people at our garden plot and planting a fall crop of various veggies keeps Rob in touch with the people living around us and helps him stay in shape!

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done. 1Chronicles 16:8

Kathryn has already restarted Discovery Bible Studies with 9 ladies. Some of the ladies work full time so being flexible to meet when they are able, has been key to having the privilege of meeting with them. Others have family obligations so adjusting with their schedules keeps doors open that otherwise would be closed.

Rob travels Sundays to encourage and teach in 6 small churches. 5 are Japanese churches of about 25 believers each. One is an English language group consisting of mostly English teachers from Jamaica and Philippines. Pray for D and J, Filipinos recently married in Japan. They are teaching English now, but hope to become missionaries to expats and Japanese in rural Japan. Pray that Rob would be an encouragement in their journey. Also, Yuta is a young man in one of these rural Japanese churches. He is growing in his faith and wants to have an impact where he lives; Sakura is a city of 50,000 with less than 50 Christians. Pray that Yuta would be able to reach his family and be a witness for Jesus in his job.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us. We know we couldn’t continue without them and are confident God hears!


Rob and Kathryn Fleming