This Pilgrim’s Progress…

This Pilgrim’s Progress…

When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong.You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.
                        ~God, in Leviticus 19:33-34 

Amazing Rock formations discovered while hiking in Kananaskis. 
Water balloons a basic staple of summer camp!
My colleague Laura and I set up an info booth in late May, and got connected to many international students who are here on a summer research internship.
Me, Tina, and a few students checking out the Hoodoos. ..


is what we have called our regular gathering of primarily Christian students for prayer, worship, bible study and discussion. 
This has taken different shapes and form over the past year–backyard dinners, take-out food on campus, meals around our dinner table–and no doubt it will continue to do so.  We are longing and praying for opportunities to welcome new Christian students into our midst. Fridays are our usual nights to gather, and we plan to rotate between bible study, discussions of practical life issues and social gatherings. 

Olds College REBOOT

Sept 4th is move-in day for students at the college, and InterVarsity has been invited to participate by hosting a booth. Pray we can invite well, and that students will have hearts open to growing in Christ and sharing his love while at the college. We will also be looking to gather a new leadership team early in the Fall. I have just stumbled upon the fact that the social purpose of Olds College, which is transforming agriculture for a better world, falls perfectly in line with InterVarsity’s mission–to see students transformed into disciples of Christ.  Please pray with us that students themselves would be transformed as well as agents of transformation. 

By the way, DID YOU KNOW… 

Our ministry with emerging generations is anchored to these five aims:

  1. Discover Jesus. This reflects our commitment to evangelism. We are unashamed of the gospel. We help young people discover Jesus in the Bible, in creation, in community. Culture continues to evolve but the good news of Jesus centred on the cross, resurrection and future return of Jesus does not change
  2. Undivided Life. This captures our commitment to whole-life discipleship. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it and the Bible has application to every area of life. Following Jesus is an all-encompassing call that includes relationships, studies, work, money and leisure.
  3. Engaged Thinking. This reflects our commitment to Christian thinking. We are transformed through the renewing of our minds. It is vital that we engage with universities as centres of teaching, research and consideration of ideas. We help young people relate faith to culture and integrate faith with studies. Post-graduate study and teaching are missionary callings.
  4. Global Vision. This speaks to our commitment to the worldwide mission of the church. We are a founding member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students where we continue to contribute and partner in global initiatives. We show hospitality to international students. We pray for and actively pursue social justice, reconciliation between peoples and solutions to global issues.
  5. Growing Influence. This affirms our commitment to leadership development. We invest in student leaders at camp, in high school and university and as they enter the workforce. We provide training, support and mentorship, encouraging young people to explore God’s calling and to be salt and light at home, at work and play.

Workplace Ministry  continues.

We are entering our third year of Workplace Ministry in Calgary, and are anticipating having new leadership involved as well as gathering a new cohort of recently graduated students. Pray that alumni would long to grow in applying their faith to their lives in the workplace and to understand God’s intentions for their work. 

Camps–past and future

SUMMER: Discovery 1 (ages 6-9) @ Alberta Pioneer Camp, Sundre
There is something lovely about preparing a camp for young kids, rather than adult students. . . especially the fact that there is more play, more silliness with silly songs, and more crafts! This was my first year directing solo, and I learned a few valuable lessons, including my own limitations and the goodness of partnership with others with different giftings. 

FALL: Thanksgiving Camp, Oct 7-9

Over the last several years, Thanksgiving Camp has become a really valued part of our International Friendship Group rhythm. We look forward to another weekend to host students away from the city, introduce them to various outdoor activities, and reflect on gratitude and its role in our lives and in our faith. Pray that God would bring all the necessary volunteers and that there would be a great dynamic among the group as we rest and enjoy creation together. 

WINTER: Christmas Camp Dec 21-23, 2022
We plan to hold our annual  Alberta-wide International Student Ministry Christmas Camp again this year as this time away always yields so many great conversations. There are many details still to come together, but we are excited to introduce students and scholars to the One who came to earth to give life and hope as we celebrate Christmas together.

A financial update on my ministry finances

I give thanks whenever I remember so many of you because of your love for Christ and your partnership in the gospel in a thousand different ways in your own lives.   I also am full of gratitude for your generous hearts and lives, and to many for supporting me for what is nearly 20 years of ministry with InterVarsity! You guys are truly amazing.  As to my current needs, in order to meet my budget this year and receive a full salary, I need an additional $3570/month to cover both my budget shortfall and the occasional/annual gifts portion of my funding. 

Would you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry with InterVarsity by giving a one-time or monthly gift if you do not already regularly give? Or if you do, perhaps you might increase your monthly gift or give an additional gift? You can donate by following the link below, being sure that SARA LEGGETT is in the “designation” space. Gifts can also be made by cheque or pre-authorized donation and by phone, and all gifts over $20 are tax-deductible through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. If you are in the US, ask me about a separate way of giving. 

Please pray with us. . .    

Asking especially for:

  • for the Holy Spirit to bring Christian international students onto our path and into our community
  • authentic ways to engage non-believers in deeper conversations about life and faith
  • Olds College group, as we seek to draw new students into community and leadership roles; vision and diligence as we try to reach out to and serve other students on campus
  • Yanting (Tina), as she currently serves as the only student leader with our International Friendship Group

Giving thanks for:

  • encouraging days in Scripture, prayer and training with our Alberta staff team last week 
  • partnership in this season with my friend/colleague/supervisor Sherri
  • a second year of living together with high school ministry colleague Josephine and student leader Tina
  • continuity of rental accomodation which is close to the university; deepening relationship with neighbours
  • the many volunteers who help us in the work

Did you know InterVarsity has 9 camps across Canada, works with grad students and faculty, and has workplace ministry in several cities, as well as a ministry to high school students? For more information about our work and to read other stories. . . 

Vacation fun on Kootenay Lake, near Kaslo BC. 

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