Hitachinaka Happenings

Hitachinaka Happenings

Greetings from Japan.

We will soon begin our 30th year in Japan, and while we have learned some things about ourselves, and the Japanese we “came to save” (ha ha), the most important lessons we have learned revolve around the power of “extraordinary prayer”. We want to continue praying and look for God’s answers, and we want you to pray for Japan in such a way that we are able to report God is moving in the lives of people here as well. That said, this prayer update is mostly about us!

A few days ago, Rob got out of bed early to get ready to preach in a little church that has no pastor. He immediately fell over in agony as his left leg would not support him. Convinced he was having a stroke after talking with Kathryn who was (conveniently) in Canada, he called the ambulance, which arrived siren blaring. Instantly, there were about 20 curious neighbours lined up on the street. Though it was Sunday morning, within 2 hours Rob had an X-Ray and an MRI, and wasn’t having a stroke, rather a lumbar disk hernia. 10 days in and he still cannot walk and is learning to sleep (sort of) sitting up in a chair.  Pray for Rob’s quick recovery!

From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 62:2

Getting back to the gallery of ambulance watching neighbours. We are younger than all of them and one remarked later, “We are mostly old, so we expect ambulances, but were surprised it was for the youngster!”

Pray for our neighbours. We have seen some kids/teens come to faith over the years in the area, but would love to see some grandparents join them in faith. Pray that some would be increasingly open to study the Bible. With Kathryn away, and Rob housebound, plenty of food showed up on the doorstep. When hungry, Rob would crawl to the front door instead of the fridge!

Kath in Canada celebrating dad’s 91st Birthday!

Next, we are coming to Canada for a summer Home Assignment from June to September.  We have an apartment in Waterloo rented already to be near family.  We will have details as far as church visits soon enough, but do have one special prayer request. We will need a car for the summer. Our churches are all over Ontario so a semi-dependable “loaner” or “gifter” would be perfect. Thanks for praying. God has always provided for this need.

Kathryn is back in Japan and needs prayer as she meets this week, 3 times with non-Christian ladies. 

Rob & Kathryn Fleming.