Our spring update is here and we wanted to get this out before the holiday weekend because the week after Holy week here seems to always get really busy. Here is a little snapshot of what has been going on in our lives:

El Nido
The program has been running smoothly, but we were hoping to get another Rotary grant to be able to continue with the check-ups for another 6 months and it looks like it will not come through in time. That is ok and the program will still continue, but we need to raise some more support in order to ensure that the doctor can still dedicate the same amount of time that she is on call at El Nido. We were hoping to have some online fundraisers for this month, but it will most likely be near the end of May or the beginning of June, so stay tuned. Also, if you have any fundraising ideas, or events that you would like to host in support of El Nido, please let us know. Here is a quick update on the girls from our last newsletter:

  • *Yasmin: Everything went well and she had her baby!
  • Kelly: Her urinary infection has cleared up and she and her baby are healthy.
  • Carol: Her placental abruption has healed, but she recently had another tiny infection, which we discovered is due to the fact that she has no underwear and they have very little money for food or clothing. Thankfully, we have been able to help them with some groceries and people from the church here have been able to help with clothing and underwear. She and her mom attend the program regularly and are in need of prayer for some kind of employment.
  • *Tatiana:. Please continue to pray for justice for her and her daughter. She is trying to gather evidence to show that she helped pay for the house that her partner is claiming as his mother´s. They are currently living in a small apartment, which she is paying for with her job.
  • Four of the babies have been born and are healthy, Thanks for your continued prayers!

The church plant has been going really well. We have a brunch planned for Easter Sunday and are excited to celebrate with everyone. As always, we need more volunteers, but we are sure that that will come eventually. I have had to switch to a different program for my studies, but I am hoping
that is just a small hiccup that can be resolved soon.

The last couple of months have been a bit frustrating as we were hoping my dad would recuperate a lot faster. It has been hard to see him in pain and also frustrated that it seems like a rollercoaster. That being said, it has been great to have my parents here even if the visit was not what we had expected. Please continue to pray that my dad will heal and that their trip home this Monday will go smoothly.

We should probably mention that a volcano here in Colombia is on high alert to erupt. We are quite a distance away, but the ash could potentially reach our water supply and there is the possibility of earthquakes. So, while we are not scared, please pray for protection for us and the people
in the cities close to the volcano. Oliver is growing day by day and is a constant source of joy (and lots of energy). Thanks for thinking about, praying for and loving us. I wanted to leave you with a short reflection for this season:

As I re-read the Easter story this week, my mind began to summarize the story into a brief film synopsis that was as follows: Jesus, God’s son, enters Jerusalem as the chosen one to
liberate his people. His way is not what the people were expecting and in the span of a week he is betrayed, deserted, mocked, and killed. Jesus, however, does not stay dead. His resurrection changes everything.

Now, just reading this over, it sounds like some revenge thriller probably starring Liam Neeson. While I am joking, honestly, I began to think that if I was in Jesus’ place my basic human urge for revenge would probably take over. In my case, I think I may have glossed over the fact that just
because Jesus knew the plan, he wouldn’t experience the same basic human emotions, or maybe the sadness, anger and disappointment I would have felt were replaced in him by the joy of knowing what he had accomplished. Either way, his reaction to his followers after his
resurrection shows mercy and love, which is a reminder to me that no matter how bad I have been hurt, or if I feel disappointed in people, I can look at the symbol of the cross and the empty grave and base my feelings on my resurrected Saviour’s actions. How I live, how I love others, how I love God, will show whether I affirm or deny the resurrection. I truly am thankful to serve a God who makes all things new.

It is my prayer for all of you that this Easter season would be a time of resurrection in your lives.
Happy Easter, we love you all,
Jacob, Leidy & Oliver

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