Flemings in the Philippines!

Flemings in the Philippines!

Dear family and friends, 

We have exciting news to share 🙂  
 Baby Fleming is on the way! We are so thankful that God has entrusted us with the gift of being parents and for all the ways that the Lord has provided for us already.

Our Doctor

Through referrals from other missionaries who have given birth in the Philippines, we have found a doctor who is an excellent fit for us, whom we trust, and feel comfortable with. In the Philippines, it is common for the patient to have a closer relationship and ongoing communication with the doctor. If we ever have questions related to the pregnancy, we are able to email her anytime and she usually responds within the hour! All of our appointments have gone well and both Britt and baby are healthy.

Giving Birth

Our due date is at the beginning of October and we have decided to give birth in the Philippines. Grady will teach and coach volleyball in the first semester of the 23-24’ school year, and Britt is planning to coach swimming as long as she can, while staying involved at Faith Academy in a limited capacity. We are thankful that Faith is both a ministry and a community that is supportive of growing families.

Next Year

We are planning to visit Canada from mid-January until late June 2024. We are already excited to connect with family and friends again! Our travel dates are still uncertain, as our departure is dependent on how quickly we can get the baby’s Passport, visa, and other paperwork sorted. Please pray with us that the procedure would go smoothly and that we would be able to leave the Philippines in January. We will continue to update you as our plans unfold 🙂.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for a new house for us to live in. Over the past year, we have been renting a house from a family who is in the USA, and they will be returning to the Philippines this summer. Our desire is to move into a place where we can put down roots and stay for several years, but this has proven quite the difficult task. Please pray that the Lord would guide us in this area.

Please pray for us as we prepare to be parents. Pray that God would equip and prepare us in the ways that He wants to, and that we would continually lean into Him for strength and wisdom in this exciting season of two becoming three! 

Please pray for our health and the baby’s development. Thankfully, Britt has had a pretty smooth pregnancy so far. She had some mild symptoms in the first trimester, and now she is learning to care for her body in hot season (April-May). The doctor’s advice was “drink water, water, and more water.”

Please pray that God would give us wisdom as we teach and love for our students through the end of May and pray for endurance to finish this school year well. 

Please also pray for our students. As the end of the year approaches, many of our students will have to say goodbye to friends who are graduating or are moving back to their passport countries for good. Finishing a school year well can be a difficult task on its own without the added stress of goodbyes. Pray that the students will be able to process things well and that they would lean into both the social and spiritual support systems around them.

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and support. We are truly forever grateful!

Much love,  Britt and Grady