Britt & Grady Fleming

Britt & Grady Fleming

Thank you all for your support and prayers these past few months! God has been incredibly faithful and has provided for us as we have been transitioning to life in the Philippines and learning to be teachers. There are a whole host of things that we would love to share with you, so we are going to split our update up into two newsletters. This newsletter will be more of a life update, and we will send out an update related to our work at Faith Academy at the beginning of January.


We had fully intended to send a newsletter to you all during our short break in November, but we got into a car accident which put our plans on hold. We were making a left-hand turn when a motorcyclist tried to pass us on the left. When the back of his motorcycle touched our bumper, He lost his balance and fell over. It was a scary and stressful moment, but God’s grace was on us the entire day. We spent the day at the hospital with the motorcyclist and his wife. Thankfully there were no serious injuries, and the motorcyclist ended up inviting us over for dinner! We got to meet his extended family and we would like to continue this friendship. Please pray for more opportunities to get to know them and share the gospel with this family.


Since this accident, we have purchased a car. The vehicle we were initially borrowing had several issues (we now know way more about cars than we did before!) and after praying we felt at peace with buying a more reliable car. With help from some friends, we were able to find a car that fit our budget and our needs. We are grateful for God’s provision.

Cats and Cockroaches

Another exciting update is that we were able to find a new home for the cat that we were looking after. Being cat-free has also drastically reduced the number of cockroaches in our place. We are thankful to feel much more comfortable in our home 🙂

A few pictures of our home. The sun rises and sun sets are beautiful!


We have started attending a local church regularly. Churches were not open for the first several weeks that we were here, but restrictions loosened around October, which then allowed us to attend Church in person (for the first time in over a year!). This church seems to be the kind of church that God had put on our hearts to be a part of. It is a smaller church with about 80 members. Almost all of the members are Filipino, but another Faith Academy teacher has been a member at this church for about 5 years. The services are in “Taglish” (Tagalog and English). We enjoy this because we can understand the message but are also able to learn new Tagalog words. Please be praying with us as we discern if this is the church that God is leading us to be a part of.


American Thanksgiving

Britt has joined a women’s Bible study with other Faith teachers. 

Movie night when the theatres aren’t open yet. We watched Shang Chi:)

Our high school staff praying for our students

Our Mission and Values

Our mission and vision:

Vision: To contribute to the Great Commission and the furtherance of the gospel in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and beyond.

Mission: To create disciples who make disciples through the organic relationships we are able to build through teaching and coaching, to support missionary families, and to serve and get involved in a local church and community.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. It really means a lot to us! We wish you all a very merry Christmas. We pray for hope, joy, peace, and love, and that Jesus would be at the center of this season for us all.

Much love,  Britt and Grady

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