Missions Update – Tokyo Bound

Missions Update – Tokyo Bound

Greetings from Victoria, British Colombia.

After visiting with Central Baptist in Victoria today, Kath, Julia and I will fly to Tokyo. Since 1994 we have always headed north from the airport in Tokyo, but this time we will take a short trip Southeast, where the next leg in our Japanese life will begin.

Our task for the rest of the summer will be to get Julia started in grade 10 at Christian Academy of Japan in Tokyo, find an apartment within commuting distance of the school, move from Hitachinaka(3 hours north), and begin exploring ministry options in Tokyo.

We will still be involved in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Our commitment to Tokyo is a minimum of three years. There are 40 million people in the greater Tokyo area, and many churches with which to partner.

We are leaving Tess in Waterloo, who will move to London to attend Western University in London come September, and join Grady in Tokyo, where he is working for a translating company for the summer, before he returns to U of Toronto in September. We have been blessed to have had quite a bit of time with all our kids during 2014-2015, but have trouble keeping up with their travels!

Thank you for your prayers this past year. It has been so good to see so many of our churches, friends and family this year. Use the information above as fuel for prayer!  We have some big transitions to make in the next two months, as do all three of the kids.

Pray also that all our moves would end up more successfully than my (Rob) recent trip to Timmins! I had a great time with friends, family and two churches, caught too many fish to eat, but also met a moose on the highway. She and the SUV (picture provided below) didn’t survive the encounter, but I was unhurt. Please pray our flight to Tokyo would be far less interesting.


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