Village Green Update – June 25, 2020

Village Green Update – June 25, 2020

This week’s newsletter contains important announcements and updates. This is a lengthy update but its packed with key information for you and your family.

We Now Have a Date

Village Green will be resuming Sunday morning services on August 9th. We are preparing the building for reopening and over the next number of weeks will be finalizing all the protocols.

If you are interested in coming to the services we are asking that you contact the office with your intent to attend at At present, the government is allowing 30% capacity so we will be having limitations to our seating capacity as well as setting up the auditorium in order to maintain physical distancing.

Priority will be given to those who do not have internet access or the inability to engage the live streaming services etc. Our plans for regathering is also dependant upon the continued allowance from the government concerning public gatherings. We may see further stages of the provinces reopening plans released by August.

2020-2021 Budget

Since these are unprecedented times, the leadership of the church has had to make unprecedented decisions. As many of you know, we typically hold a congregational meeting in late March to approve the budget for the coming year.

With the arrival of Covid-19 and the decision by LINC to close their school, the Finance Team has had to present a revised budget which has been approved by the Board. It was decided that a virtual congregational meeting would be too difficult and time-consuming in light of the fact that we are already in the latter part of June.

We did want to convey some of the essential highlights of the budget. For one, the rental subsidies that have been part of the financial picture at Village Green have virtually evaporated due to the pandemic. This will be a challenge for the future as we are unsure of what the longterm fallout of Covid will be with respect to the rental of our facility. This is affecting the other churches meeting in our building (Persian and LCFI), as well as the Camera Club, Mad Science Camp, Cheryl O, and others, who have had to temporarily suspend their meetings.

It is not all dire news though. Yes, we do have some challenges ahead, but there are many encouraging signs from the budget we want to make you aware of.

  • Our offerings remain strong. We expected to see a dramatic drop in giving but that is not the case. In fact, we are seeing levels close to normal. This is so encouraging so please continue to be faithful in this area.
  • The missionaries that we support have not been affected and are all being fully supported at their present levels.
  • The same is true for the staff. Except for the custodians who were laid off shortly after the building closure, staff support remains at its present levels. The budget also allows for the rehiring of custodial staff as needed.
  • Our benevolent fund is healthy, something that has allowed the Elders to help people in practical ways during this difficult time for many.
  • Critical projects are still moving forward. You’ve heard about the media room, a critical addition to maintaining a vital live stream presence for the future, is presently being funded to begin producing content as soon as July.
  • A second project is the addition of a sliding access door to replace the doors at the back of the auditorium. The present system creates difficulty for people with limited mobility and walkers and the new sliding system will remove the accessibility limitation.

Again, we are greatly encouraged by the continued financial support by many during this time.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of this year’s budget, please contact the office at If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Board Chair, Robert Pereira at


Another key decision made by the Board was the acceptance of new Board members who will begin their term in September. Due to the members who were completing their term on the Board there needed to be new members added.

Stepping down due to completion of their terms are Robert Pereira (Board Chair), and Don Shirley. We want to thank them and acknowledge their invaluable service during the last number of years, especially in these most recent months.

We also want to welcome the new Board members, Al Vanderlaan (Board Chair), Krista Allen, and Brenda Brown. We are looking forward to working alongside each of you.

All other offices, Elders, Treasurer, and Church Clerk are maintaining their present levels for the coming year.

Annual Report

One of the highlights this time of year is the release of our Annual Report.  Unfortunately, this has become a casualty. We have decided to forgo it for this year but look forward to reinstating it in the future.

Kids Connection

We continue to make available the curriculum to our Kids Connection program as supplied by Orange. Their newest offering of videos, resources, and parent guides are being made available for the entire month.

You can get it all here.


July will soon be upon us and once again we want to remind you that the first Sunday of a new month is our time at the Lord’s Table. If you want to participate in the July 5th Communion service please be ready with bread and cup for your family to join in.

Let us Know How You Can Help?

In this Saturday’s E-Blast from MailChimp, there will be a form for any one who wants to volunteer at the church. We will need to know where you can serve, frequency etc. It is one of the many exercises we need to complete in order to be able to regather. We will also need work done at the church during the week so if that is an area where you can help, then please let us know. Look for the form this Saturday! If you are not on our MailChimp E-Blast list, contact the office at

Media Room

Our Media Room is being painted and prepared as we speak. We are looking forward to utilizing this new resource to further our online impact.

We are reaching out to anyone who has some experience or skill in camera or video production. If you want to be a part of this exciting new ministry contact the office at

How to Study the Bible – Now into Week 12!

Join us every Monday evening at 8:00 pm, for a YouTube Live study on How to Study the Bible. To be part of the study you can search on YouTube for livestream/jonkorkidakis or find the links on, or on my website at

This Monday we learn how to understand the Parables of Jesus. See you there!

Ways to Give

A reminder that you can now use to make e-transfers to the church. If you do use this option, please make sure we have an address on file so we know where to send the receipt. We also have a PayPal portal on our website: You can also drop off your offerings through the mail slot at the church. It is checked on a regular basis.

Stay strong, stay healthy.

May the Lord continue to be your wisdom and strength.
Jon Korkidakis



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