Village Green Update -June 18, 2020

Village Green Update -June 18, 2020

Once again, it’s Thursday, and that means another timely update from Village Green Community Church.

Are We or Aren’t We?

It is only natural for many of you to be wondering when and if, Village Green plans to have any regathering in our building for Sunday morning services. At present, the leadership is in the throes of weighing the decision and expect to have a target date to you soon. Thanks for being patient with us. We want to make sure the decision is sustainable and beneficial to all.

Whatever decision is made, it will be contingent to having enough volunteers, enough protections and protocols in place, and enough confidence in the measures that have been implemented. Please let Noreen know if you are able to help out as a volunteer and your willingness to serve in a specific area.

Survey Results

We promised to forward the survey results for re-gathering once they were complete so here it is – Gloo-Survey Results

The survey is in PDF form and communicates one overarching theme based on the majority of respondents – “proceed with caution.”

Kids Connection

Here also is this week’s link for the Kids Connection videos. Kids Connection videos.

Remember that this link is good for the month of June.

Let us Know How You Can Help?

In this Saturday’s E-Blast from MailChimp, there will be a form for any one who wants to volunteer at the church. We will need to know where you can serve, frequency etc. It is one of the many exercises we need to complete in order to be able to regather. We will also need work done at the church during the week so if that is an area where you can help, then please let us know. Look for the form this Saturday! If you are not on our MailChimp E-Blast list, contact the office at

Media Room

If you were to enter our building you will see rooms that have been emptied. Rooms that were once filled with 15 years of LINC materials and memories. The movers have come and gone and now we are in the throes of claiming some space for new ministry initiatives.

One of those is the media room. A place where we can deliver church material through multiple platforms to produce in-house videos, podcasts, teaching series and a host of other products. In fact, we are hoping to have the room in some workable form because we are wanting to deliver some new elements to the Sunday live stream beginning in July. Stay tuned for more!

How to Study the Bible – Now into Week 1 1!

Join us every Monday evening at 8:00 pm, for a YouTube Live study on How to Study the Bible. To be part of the study you can search on YouTube for livestream/jonkorkidakis or find the links on, or on my website at

This Monday we begin with the New Testament Gospels. See you there!

Ways to Give

A reminder that you can now use to make e-transfers to the church. If you do use this option, please make sure we have an address on file so we know where to send the receipt. We also have a PayPal portal on our website: You can also drop off your offerings through the mail slot at the church. It is checked on a regular basis.

Stay strong, stay healthy.

May the Lord continue to be your wisdom and strength.
Jon Korkidakis


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