Village Green Update – January 15, 2021

Village Green Update – January 15, 2021

Welcome to another update from Village Green Community Church. Captured in this update are the essentials you need to stay in touch and in tune to the ministries of the church. We are truly thankful for the many who continue to support and engage us on a weekly basis.

We are once again under government lockdown restrictions which means only critical staff related to delivering the service is allowed on Sunday mornings. As always, we will announce the return of in-person gatherings whenever the restrictions are lifted. The restrictions also limit any in-person gathering such as Life Groups, Bible Studies, and Youth. If you are uncertain of how this affects your particular group don’t hesitate to contact your group leader or the office at

Virtual Soup Sunday

Our next online gathering for soup will be January 17th at 11:45 following the Sunday service. You can register by calling the church at 519-473-5505 or by email at

Tax Receipts

Tax Receipts will be available in the upcoming weeks. Tax receipts will not be available for pick up at the church. This year they will ONLY be available either by email or regular mail.

Please contact to direct them to mail or email your receipts to you. It is very important that the church has your current address. Please email any address changes to

As a reminder, you can use the above link to give an offering through e-transfer, as well as using the PayPal portal on our website, or dropping off a cheque in the church mailbox.

Leadership Visioning Day

On January 23rd, the Elders, Board of Directors, and Staff will be meeting to discuss a vision plan for this year. The year ahead has many challenges, and we are gathering together early to discuss and plan accordingly. It will be a time of deciding where we need to focus our resources and energy as a church and how we can best serve the needs of our community. Please be in prayer for the team as we discern the will of the Lord and the leading of the Spirit of God.

Current Series and Life Groups.

We continue with The Future Me series this Sunday. Our Life Groups are in full swing as well. If you want to know more about our groups or to sign up you can contact the church at

If you are not a part of a group or unable to be part at this time we want to encourage you to use the Life Group material as a personal growth or devotional tool. Maybe there is one other person who would do the studies with you? Whatever your situation, the material is available to help you grow your faith in Christ deeper. You can find these resources on our website at

RightNow Media

As part of Village Green you have access to an extensive library of Christian resources and Bible studies. This week we want to feature the  library just for kids with over 2,000 videos. Packed with family-friendly Bible studies and shows, this library can inspire family devotions and faith-based conversations while providing wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages

You can browse the kids library here

Like and Share

One of the easiest ways to reach out as a church is to use the technology that has become such a common part of our lives. Many of you ‘like’ the livestream and social media posts which is wonderful and encouraging. We are asking if you would not only ‘like’ the posts but ‘share’ them as well.

Our Facebook Group

In the social media world the more we ‘share’, the more opportunity exists for the church to touch a life that we may never have been able to reach before. We are experiencing such ugly rhetoric on many social media platforms that wouldn’t it be nice to share something inspirational and uplifting?

Something to Remember

As we close out this latest update I want to encourage you with a final thought. The Psalmist when faced with the prospect of a journey to Jerusalem also recognized that it would mean a difficult trip through rough terrain, uncertain weather conditions, and exposure to potential robbers along the route. As he ponders the journey he anxiously states:

I look up to the mountains—
does my help come from there?

Almost immediately, as if just asking the question out loud makes the answer obvious, he responds with confidence.

My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth!

Though the writer of this Psalm is preparing for what may be a difficult journey, he concludes the remainder of his writing with the acknowledgement that the Lord will keep him and watch over him, that the Lord never slumbers nor sleeps, but is watching over him so that no harm will befall him because the Lord is there every step of the way.


The Lord watches over you.

I hope you take time to read Psalm 121. Maybe you are wondering about where your help comes from and like the Psalmist who is seeing the difficult road ahead, you just need to be reminded that the Lord is ever-present and ever-watching over you. That he cares for you and loves you.

I hope you have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you online this Sunday!
Jon Korkidakis


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