This Week at Village Green – March 5, 2021

This Week at Village Green – March 5, 2021

Another week and another update from the church whose mission is to love God, love others (that means you!) and change the world. Our mission statement, now several years old, continues to frame and shape not only the ministries of this church but the way we function as a body of believers.

Our Doors are Open!

Are you missing being IN church? Are you missing some of the people AT church? Then why not COME to church? We are presently sitting at a 30% allowance in the auditorium and want to remind you that you are welcome to join us. At present we are well below our allowance so if you’ve been wondering about attending, why not consider coming.

We know that there is still a health risk involved in venturing out, but we have a custodian on-site before and after the service as well as the protocols of masks and physical distancing in place. We are doing all we can to help keep you safe.

If you want to attend, just email the church at If you have already done so, don’t worry about doing it again, we assume you will be there. If you are leading a Life Group, Youth Group, and wonder about using the church for your meetings, contact the church for availability and the specifics of how these protocols affect you.


Sunday, March 7th is our next Communion service. If you are attending in person you will need to pick up your individually sealed communion cups as you enter the auditorium. For those joining us online please make sure you have what you need to participate.

As a note, we at Village Green celebrate an open communion. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and follow him as your Saviour you are invited to join us.

Daylight Savings Time

Week One

On March 14th the clocks “spring” ahead ONE hour. Make sure you set your clocks because we would hate to miss you at church that Sunday. Besides, you want to be up early because spring is almost here!!

The Book of Acts

A Comprehensive Study on the Book of Acts

Due to technical difficulties, the study was not able to begin on March 1st but will now be rescheduled to start on March 8th.

The time of each study will be at 7:00 pm EST and will run for 12 weeks. The hour-long series will run on YouTube and you can grab the link and notes at You will find them under the “YouTube Series” tab and then the page for “The Book of Acts.”

Coming March 21st

Our Sunday service marked for March 21st is an important one to note. We will be giving an update from our Leadership Visioning Day with our special guest, Board Chair, Al Vanderlaan. You don’t want to miss this Sunday as we share some exciting news with you all.

Becoming an Authentic Community

We are also introducing a new initiative that Sunday called The Gathering. It’s a time for connecting with people online and building community with each other. It will immediately follow the morning service and run from 11:15 – 12:00. Contact the office at to have your name added to The Gathering.

We are also looking to add a Newcomers Gathering in the future for those who are new to the community. It will be an opportunity to hear more about the church and ask any questions you may have. A tentative date for this meeting is mid to late April.

Easter Services

The following is a listing of our Easter services highlighting the in-person and online presentations.

Palm Sunday – March 28 – In Person and Online.
Good Friday – April 2 – Online Only. Communion will be presented at this service.
Easter Sunday – April 4 – In Person and Online.

About a Cross – Beginning March 28, 2021

Our series for the Easter season is entitled, About a Cross. There is no denying the pivotal role that the cross plays in the story of redemption found in the person of Jesus Christ. This series will help us refocus and realign our lives to the hope we celebrate at Easter. Looking forward to seeing you there!


It is the time of year when we begin the process of considering new people for leadership roles in the church. This year, we are looking to add to the Board of Elders. If you want to submit a name for consideration, you can do so by contacting the Elders at

One More Thing

As I conclude this week’s update I find myself reflecting on gratitude. I know it’s a difficult season in so many ways, but I sense the Lord reminding me of the many things in my life that I am so richly blessed and thankful for. Here is my list even though it’s not an exhaustive list or in a specific order of primary importance, even though the first few are:

  • My family
  • My relationship with Jesus
  • My health
  • My friends
  • My church
  • My love for Scripture and reading in general
  • My love for white beaches and clear blue skies
  • My fellow staff and leadership
  • My years of teaching in churches and at Heritage College and Seminary
  • My love of traveling
  • My longing for others to know Christ
  • My mentors over the years
  • My quirky sense of humour
  • My love for woodworking, science, and technology
  • My financial blessings
  • My memories of times when I was the object of grace rather than judgment, mercy rather than punishment, and forgiveness when I was clearly guilty.
  • My love for Spring because I know that Summer is coming
  • My love of music
  • My love for birds because they are a constant reminder of the joyful years of my youth
Thankful for books??

That’s just a small sampling of my gratitude list but I hope it encourages you to reflect on things in your life that you are thankful for. Can I add one more thing. If your list includes people, why not take time this week and tell them how thankful you are for them. It could make a significant difference to someone in your life.

Thank you for being part of my life and the ministry of Village Green Community Church
Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!
God bless you,
Jon Korkidakis

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    Really enjoyed your gratitude list Jon. THX
    I thank God for you Jon
    And Noreen I appreciate you
    Matt you too are a beautiful soul
    There are many more at church but this list is limited to staff.
    Hope that I didn’t neglect/miss someone.

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