Flemings Transition to Japan

Flemings Transition to Japan

Greetings from both Hitachinaka City, two hours north of Tokyo (Rob), and from Waterloo (Kathryn):

Rob made it to Japan having tested negative for COVID both before leaving Canada and upon arrival in Japan. Two weeks of quarantine is finished. Hitachinaka City has had less than 10 cases of COVID since February. Kathryn and Julia hope to leave Waterloo on October 10 for Japan. 

The reason for this quick email update is to ask for prayer. Kathryn and Julia need to get a negative COVID test result in Waterloo taken within 72 hours of their flight from Toronto. With the recent spike in COVID cases in Southern Ontario, this is looking less likely than when Rob succeeded just weeks ago. Everything is in place as far as flights, Japanese Embassy permission, and travel to and from airports, but it will all be put on hold if the October 7 morning test result is not ready by the evening of October 9.

We ask you to pray for this, as we have prepared carefully, but the recent spike in Canadian cases and the resultant backlog in getting test results have left us with something we cannot control, but we know God can.

Rob & Kathryn

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