Changing Lives by the Square Foot – Our Building Plans

Changing Lives by the Square Foot – Our Building Plans

We want to make every square foot count at Village Green, because every foot represents a life. We’ve been talking recently about changed lives – people finding not only a home here at Village Green but also a place to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. Many people have shared their wonderful testimonies of what God is doing here and for the future he is shaping us for.

Our church mission – to Love God, Love Others, and to Change the World – continues to be at the centre of our intentions. We want to see more lives transformed, regardless of age or demographic.

In order to continue with the vision and mission, the Leadership made a proposal that included the following:

1. A new 2000 square foot addition attached to the south of the building to expand our children and youth space.
2. An upgrade to our HVAC system to allow air conditioning to the entire building.
3. An upgrade to our current kitchen facilities.
4. An expansion to the capacity of the auditorium, including technology upgrades.
5. An expansion of our current offices.

These changes are allowing us to:

1. Have greater discipleship impact with our youth and children ministries.
2. Have greater space for other ministry opportunities and community rentals.
3. Have greater capacity for growth, both in the auditorium and in Kid’s Connection.
4. Have greater capacity for touching our community in practical, serviceable ways.
5. Have greater capacity to beautify the grounds for greater community appeal and profile.
6. Have unified climate control throughout building.
7. Provide relief for summer ministries like Day Camp, Kid’s Connection, and/or summer rentals from excessive heat.
8. Be good stewards of God’s money; considering this option gave us the best cost/value for the dollar as compared to other more costly options.



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