Looking Forward

Looking Forward

I find it hard to imagine that we are looking at the latter half of August. Soon we will be in the throes of September and all the activity this time of year brings. With that in mind, I want to give you some highlights of what is coming.

Our “Changing Lives by the Square Foot” Fundraiser

As many of you know, we have officially begun raising money for our new addition. Prior to the official launch the Elders, Board of Directors, and Staff were asked to make their pledges as a “First Fruits” offering. The reasons for this are many, but mostly to demonstrate the leadership’s commitment to the project and to encourage everyone with a strong start to the campaign. At the August 18th service our new Board Chair, Al Vanderlaan, announced that $54,765.00 had already been pledged towards our goal of $300,000.00.

We are very encouraged by the pledges to date and look forward to seeing how God will use this time to challenge and move us to greater kingdom effectiveness. The plans for the addition are presently with the city so we are asking that you pray for their approval without roadblocks or problems. Should everything go well, we could be breaking ground within the next couple of months.

Life Group Startup

On September 15th we begin a new sermon series which also launches the next session of Life Groups. The series is entitled, Ten, and it looks at the ten chapters in the Bible you need to know. These chapters explain everything from creation, sin, covenant, Jesus, and so forth. Without understanding these fundamental chapters you will never understand the Christian faith and the worldview it holds. This is a great series to invite and invest in those who are non-churched.

The last number of years our Life Groups were led by Mike and Sue Huson. Their strong leadership and commitment to Life Groups nurtured this important part of the spiritual development here at Village Green. In June they stepped down to pursue other ministry opportunities. We were blessed by the legacy they left with Life Groups. Thank you, Mike and Sue.

We also want to welcome Brittany Hopkins as the new ministry head of Life Groups. She brings a wealth of experience as well as strong leadership to the role. Life Groups plays a key part in the life of this church and we are excited that it continues to be guided by passionate leaders who want us to grow deeper, not just wider.

Life Group sign-up is coming soon. We continue to need group leaders and people who can host a group in their home.

The New Board

Beginning in September we introduce new members to our Board of Directors. This is the first year of our new leadership rotation where new members begin serving in September rather than April. The Board for the coming year is made up of the following people.

Al Vanderlaan – Board Chair
Krista Allen
Jarred Curtis
Rachel Nikou
Dave Hiebert
Sue Huson (new)
Dave Willms (new)

We want to welcome Sue Huson and Dave Willms as new members to the Board. We also want to acknowledge Don Shirley and Jeff Brown who are completing their terms this month. Thank you, Don and Jeff, for your years of service on the Board. It would appear that rest is fleeting for Don Shirley as he is completing his term as Chair of the Board he is now beginning a new term as Co-Chair of the Finance Committee.

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is on Saturday, September 14th from 10 am – 1 pm. In a matter of a couple of years, this event has become a community centrepiece. Many groups from the Westmount neighbourhood are participating and this is a great opportunity for us to touch the lives of people who live around the church. Help us make an impact by coming and supporting the event or by taking time to volunteer.

Upgrades Coming

We have been experiencing problems with the main computer in the auditorium. The system is a little over 5 years old and has been giving us problems in handling the demands of the present. The software is equally out dated so a new system and software is being purchased and put in place for the September start-up.

Video is Coming

Not only are we seeing upgrades to our technology in the auditorium but video will begin with the series starting on September 15th.  This is seen as a natural evolution to our services and gives us another venue for extending our reach. The videos of the messages will not only enhance our current web offerings, but can be used in Nursing Homes, Senior Centres, the Jail, and other group settings.

Stage Lighting

The lighting crew has taken a break over the summer but will be back in September. This relatively new ministry has enhanced our Sunday mornings in immeasurable ways. Look for new designs and greater enhancements to the Sunday worship experience.


As the church continues to grow one of the challenges is the need for more volunteers. The church simply cannot operate to any degree of effectiveness without you! There are a number of key areas that we could use your help. They are:

Kids Connection
Sound and Audio/Video
Stage lighting
Life Groups
Prayer Ministry

If you are interested in any of these areas you can contact the office at 519-473-5505 for further directions and details.

As we look at the next number of months it’s without hesitation that I can say I am truly excited!


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